Clifton Baumatic: performance comes from inside

Press Release – SIHH 2018

Clifton Baumatic: performance comes from inside

Baume & Mercier has taken a fresh, in-depth look at mechanical watches in order to improve their performance and make them available to as many people as possible. The result: Baume & Mercier has achieved this ultimate luxury with the Clifton Baumatic, offering an array of outstanding characteristics that raise the bar in watchmaking. It’s a must-have!

An epitome of advanced watchmaking, the Clifton Baumatic developed by Baume & Mercier fulfils every aspect of Célestin and Louis-Victor Baume’s motto: "Accept only perfection. Only manufacture watches of the highest quality." This elegant and contemporary steel timepiece with a 40 mm case and a refined white dial with a porcelain finish, making it truly of its time as well as a watch for the future. More importantly, is the Clifton Baumatic is powered by a revolutionary mechanical self-winding caliber: simple, powerful and accurate, it is endowed with the most advanced watch technology available today.

Developed in-house in collaboration with the ValFleurier Manufacture and the R&D team at the Richemont Group, this self-winding 12.5” new-generation movement has been named the Baumatic (cal. BM12-1975A). This first-ever Baume & Mercier movement is the result of the brand’s commitment since it’s foundation in 1830: to offer the best value-for-money compromise between efficiency and performance.

This expertly manufactured movement, visible through the case back and assembled in the traditional manner, features several innovative components that increase its power reserve, accuracy and reliability. The 120-hour (five-day) power reserve is achieved thanks to the optimized alloy used for the barrel, the escapement with PowerscapeTM technology, and the TwinspirTM silicon hairspring. These same elements help ensure an accuracy of between four seconds slow and six seconds fast per day.

Thanks to the greatly improved reliability, maintenance services become less frequent. This is achieved by using new types of oils that can withstand major variations in temperature. It is also achieved by the use of parts that are not sensitive to powerful magnetic fields (1,500 Gauss), meaning the watch will withstand radiation at levels 25 times higher than traditional instruments. Lastly, the use of proven materials such as the silicon hairspring with TwinspirTM technology, and the new antimagnetic “bumper” bearing the Baume & Mercier “Phi” logo for a subtle signature detail, helps to improve the watch’s accuracy and durability in everyday conditions and reduce the need for maintenance interventions.

Available in four classic designs or as a COSC-certified chronometer for a slightly higher price, the Clifton Baumatic sets a new standard in luxury watches. This timepiece, with its understated elegance, is ready to defy time itself, delivering accuracy and durability in operation, available to everyone at the fairest price.

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