6 Gift Ideas from Bulova That Will Elevate Anyone’s Sartorial Holiday Style

6 Gift Ideas from Bulova That Will Elevate Anyone’s Sartorial Holiday Style

Stumped for what to buy for the guy who always looks sharp (or aspires to). Find all the inspiration you need right here.

By Tanya Dukes

Inspired by the Bulova Wilton GMT Automatic, a sleek timepiece designed specifically for the global traveler, we decided to take a look at the other essential wardrobe elements that define a fashionable modern man-on-the-move, whether he circulates in the world of on-time punctuality or an environment of understated coolness. Or both.

The Wilton GMT Automatic from Bulova

Whether monitoring the markets in capitals across the globe or (better yet) keeping tabs on things back at home while on holiday, toggling between time zones is the new normal. Whatever the reason for watching the hours unfold at points all over the globe, the 43mm self-winding Bulova Wilton GMT Automatic is a true GMT designed for the world traveler. And with its fourth, jump-hour GMT hand telling the time in a second time zone, it will deliver maximum function in one very good-looking package.

Trust us, the sleek steel case, raised World Map dial graphic, and embossed alligator leather strap will turn heads wherever your travels take you.

The Fair Isle Donegal Crewneck Sweater from Alex Mill

Novelty sweaters festooned with snowflakes and reindeer have their place. Mainly at white elephant parties and holiday dinners with extra wholesome in-laws. But if you want to gift a sweater that will feel festive and wintry without the kitsch factor, then the Fair Isle sweater has got your number.

Easily ID’d by its rustic-meets-geometric patterns and popularized in the early 20th century by OG sartorial influencer the Duke of Windsor, the style has its origins in the 19th century and is named for one of the Shetland Islands off the Scottish coast.

You’ll have no trouble finding Fair Isle sweaters in color combinations from porridge-hued neutrals to psychedelic brights; either way, they’re the essence of whatever form of cozy that’s currently on trend (hygge? lagom? gezellig? whatever).

A Brightly Colored Cashmere Beanie

Men often bemoan the limited availability of accessories that let them flaunt a little personality without trying too hard. But the key to showing some flair with minimal effort is choosing wardrobe essentials that make an impact.

Take the purportedly humble winter beanie. Frigid weather and the odd bad hair mean everyone has to have one. But in a high-wattage color like chili pepper red, it has personality to spare. And when made from cashmere, every wearing feels like an indulgence too.

Original Wayfarer Sunglasses from Ray-Ban

It is one of life’s well-accepted axioms that everyone needs multiple sunglasses for strategic stashing in a car, office, tote bag, and the rest. Yet, despite reports that the ultra-technical varieties resembling speed skater gear are the new, next thing, it’s a style that will only ever flatter Olympic-level athletes.

Ray-Ban’s Classic Wayfarer-style glasses, on the other hand, never date and don’t require any exertion to look dashing. With a list of iconic wearers from Ray Charles to Tom Cruise, they’re a default stocking stuffer for even the most finicky names on your shopping list.

Torgil Suede Gloves from Hestra

The right pair of winter gloves reads a skosh lumberjack, but a little bit luxe, like these Hestra Torgil Suede Gloves, will take someone through the whole winter season, whether besuited or taking out the trash in sweatpants.

They are a winter workhorse that makes everything look a little spiffier. (See the above-mentioned sweats.) A wool-lined pair in hardwearing suede is a failsafe choice that will get even more handsome with wear. (We should all be so lucky.)

Dalton Shell Cordovan Dress Boot from Allen Edmonds

It’s peak boot season, so lean into it with these Dalton Shell Cordovan Dress Boots from Allen Edmonds.

There’s no better shoe for every occasion, including a black tie with a rugged twist. Look for a pair that combines meticulous construction and elegant details. They’re a sturdy, hardwearing throwback to a time before disposable fast-fashion, and every scuff and scar just makes them even more attractive. And their longevity means whoever gets them will reap the benefits of your gift for years to come.

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