Bulgari Continues To Lead The Charge In Luxury Corporate Social Responsibility F

Bulgari Takes Responsible Luxury To The Next Level

Bulgari announces the establishment of the Bulgari Women & Science Fellowship at the Rockefeller University, sponsorship for the restoration of 90 ancient statues, and a new community-based art project with Save The Children.

By Sophie Furley

Bulgari recently held its third Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) conference entitled “Innovating the Present for a Sustainable Future” with three new projects that continue the Italian luxury brand’s “giving back” strategy in the fields of health, arts, and children.

The Bulgari Virus Free Fund

The big news during the conference was the announcement of the brand’s continued support in the fight against COVID-19 via its Bulgari Virus Free Fund. After turning its perfume-making facilities into a sanitizing gel production center and helping COVID-19 vaccine research by offering financial support to the University of Oxford’s Jenner Institute, the brand is now announcing another important collaboration with the Rockefeller University.

The Rockefeller University Fellowship

Bulgari is offering its support to the Rockefeller University by establishing a Bulgari Women & Science Fellowship in COVID-19 Research. The fellowship will support 75 female graduate students and post-doctoral scholars currently working on COVID-19 research at this prestigious American university.

The Rockefeller University is the world’s leading biomedical research institution, housing 75 laboratories led by distinguished scientists. Twenty-five of these laboratories are currently focused on the development of neutralizing antibodies for the treatment of COVID-19, the search for FDA approved drugs that could be repurposed to fight the virus, and the creation of a simple yet efficient saliva-based detection kit.

“Bulgariʼs visionary generosity not only helps Rockefeller address the global health crisis we now face, but also provides the foundation for a future of path-breaking discoveries by world-class women scientists,” shared Dr. Richard P. Lifton, President of The Rockefeller University.

“Bulgari has had a longstanding commitment to nurturing the careers of women in the arts and culture. Similarly, Rockefeller is deeply dedicated to supporting and promoting the careers of women scientists at all levels. We are honored and delighted to be entering into this exciting new partnership with Bulgari. Together, we have the potential to benefit many lives,” he said.

The Torlonia Marbles

Another project on the Bulgari CSR agenda was the restoration of over 90 Ancient Greek and Roman statues from the Torlonia Collection, the world’s most important private collection of ancient art, carefully conserved by the Torlonia family. Bulgari’s support as a major sponsor will allow the statues to be brought back to their original splendor thanks to the knowledge and skills of the Torlonia Foundation and archeological materials restorer Anna Maria Carruba. The Torlonia Marbles, as they are often referred, will go on a traveling exhibition this October, starting at the Villa Caffarelli, part of the Capitoline Museums complex in Rome.

“A jeweler's vocation is to transform nature's gifts into creations of timeless beauty. So, it was only natural that we should be keen to support a project that aims to return to the public this heritage of marble sculptures created over centuries by extraordinary Greek and Roman artistic talent. This restoration is a celebration of our cultural roots, of an aesthetic sensibility that we still have to this day and that makes us special,” said Jean-Christophe Babin during the conference.

Arte Di Bvlgari And Save The Children

Last, but not least, Bulgari announced a new project in association with its long-standing partner, Save the Children. Entitled Arte di Bvlgari, this new initiative is a community-based arts enrichment program that was first launched in Houston, Texas, in 2019. Now it will be expanded to the Southern California area.

An Afterschool Art Program

Arts programs have proven to have a significant and positive impact on children’s academic and emotional learning. This new program will reach over 500 children across 13 elementary schools in San Bernardino County, allowing them to explore various creative art forms from painting, photography, and even dance. Fifteen teachers and several local artists will be facilitating the program, with virtual lessons and customized art kits available for those students restricted by online learning.

“In the midst of these challenging and unprecedented times, giving kids a creative outlet to express their feelings is more important than ever. Save the Children is grateful for our decade-plus global partnership with Bvlgari, and for enabling us to expand Arte di Bvlgari to kids in California,” shared Janti Soeripto, President and CEO of Save the Children US.

Bulgari continues to lead the charge in corporate social responsibility and sustainable development with its various programs encompassing health, the arts, and children. In these difficult times, Bulgari recognizes that coming together is the key to finding solutions for a better world.

(Images by Bvlgari)

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