Lake Lucerne With The Colorful DOXA SUB 200

A Summer Excursion To Lake Lucerne With The Colorful DOXA SUB 200

Located in the heart of Switzerland, the shores of Lake Lucerne are like a postcard come to life. So we here at Watchonista decided a few days off in paradise with a colorful DOXA on the wrist was in order.

By Marco Gabella
Chairman & Executive Publisher

Like many people, I occasionally enjoy taking time to travel closer to home and explore my local wonders. And believe me, Switzerland offers plenty of those. So, ready for a few days of relaxation, we decided to head to the city of Vitznau on the shores of Lake Lucerne. Located in front of the mountain of Bürgenstock, Vitznau is idyllically positioned at the point where two mountain lakes join.

Using the opportunity of this summer trip, I decided to take three different DOXA SUB 200 models with me so I could choose between the orange “Professional,” yellow “Divingstar,” and turquoise “Aquamarine.” I must confess that, more generally, I don’t have a lot of colored dial watches as I am quite conservative when it comes to dials.

As a result, I am unaccustomed to and hesitant about bringing only one watch with such a powerfully colored dial for a multi-day excursion. So, as I couldn’t decide which I was more comfortable with, the idea of having a selection to choose from according to the occasion and my mood seemed the logical route to take.

Hotel Vitznauerhof: A Piece of The Riviera in The Alps

Contrary to popular belief, summer in Switzerland is not cold. And you miss nothing by going for a swim in Lake Lucerne instead of the Mediterranean, except for saltwater. In Vitznau, there are several nice hotels, from simple to fancy, and for this trip, I decided to stay at one of the last remaining art nouveau hotels, Hotel Vitznauerhof.

Constructed in 1901 at the dawn of the age of tourism, the Hotel Vitznauerhof has the perfect amount of sun exposure during the day and a breathtaking view of sunset at twilight. And after being restored in 2001 to its original glory, the hotel remains a prime example of early twentieth-century architecture. Staying in such a place of style and history was truly a rare delight.

When I also took into consideration the turquoise water of Lake Lucerne, the glow of the yellow sun, and the transcendent orange sunset, I realized the three DOXA SUB 200 models that I brought with me were perfectly suited to the location. But would they also suit my mood?

Matching My Relaxed Mood with the Colors of Doxa’s SUB 200

As I previously mentioned, brightly colored dials are not my primary watch fare. But I must confess that when DOXA enhanced the SUB 200 with colorful dials, I was, for various reasons, quite supportive of the idea.

First of all, colorful dials aren’t just about fashion but an important part of professional dive watch history because, depending on your dive depth, some dial colors are easier to read than others. And early in the development history of these tool watches, DOXA was one of only a few brands that realized professional divers who regularly found themselves descending to the same depth would often choose a dive watch with the most legible dial color for that depth.

The second reason DOXA’s more colorful SUB 200s intrigued was that these models came on rubber strap that matched the color of their dials. It’s not an easy task to color-match two different materials correctly. And as an added bonus, the rubber strap is perfectly integrated into the SUB 200 case and is as comfortable as it is fashionable.

From relaxing or swimming lakeside to a formal dinner or an Aperitivo, I was surprised by the versatility of these DOXA SUB 200 models. That being said, perhaps the turquoise “Aquamarine” paired better, thematically at least, with my lakeside summer holiday, as the orange “Professional” and yellow “Divingstar” are inherently more disruptive.

However, even these more unrestrained SUB 200 models can easily enter your regular watch rotation, just so long as you adopt a certain air of nonchalance. Moreover, the correct application of this studied carelessness, called sprezzatura in Italian, can (and did) transform these flamboyantly colored dials into the perfect fashion accessory. I even surprised myself with how effective sprezzatura was at metamorphizing these watches from flashy to totally acceptable.

Finally, the really cool thing about the DOXA SUB 200 collection is that prices start at $950 for models on a rubber strap. Of course, the watch is available in more conventional dial colors like black or blue. But for a diver costing less than $1,000, you could easily decide to experiment and go with a more unusual dial color. And maybe, like me, you order two watches instead of only one.    

For more information, visit the DOXA website or DOXA’s partner page.   

(Photography by Watchonista)

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