Watchonista Staff Picks: Our Favorite Watch-Related Instagram Posts of 2022 (So

Watchonista Staff Picks: Our Favorite Watch-Related Instagram Posts of 2022 (So Far)

Whatever your center of interest, we all have that one Instagram post that sticks in our mind. That is why, today, Team Watchonista shares their favorite watch-related posts of 2022 (so far).

By Watchonista
By Philip Minden
Community Manager & Commercial

There’s generally a good reason one follows someone on social media (quality photos, interesting concept, similar mindsets, noteworthy or timely information, etc.). But eventually, the chances are that, while scrolling through the feed, a picture with that special something will pop up and stay in your mind. And Instagram, of course, is a place where one can find all kinds of content. As a result, we all spend a great amount of time scrolling through our feed, looking for the post that’ll brighten our day or awaken our curiosity and interest.

For Team Watchonista, watch imagery is, for obvious reasons, what sparks our plugs. Photographing watches isn’t an easy exercise and that’s why we want to share with you the posts which the members of our team have been drawn to.

So, before I get to my submission for this month’s Watchonista Staff Picks, some explanation and a trip back to 2020 is in order…

An account I’m very fond of is @watchinery. His constantly growing collection of modern independent watch brands is very impressive! What’s more is that he always posts great teasers of his incoming pieces, essentially focusing on design codes that’ll give you a hint of what’s incoming. And it was in 2020 when I first discovered his account, and the post that made me want to follow him was called “Ode to the Indies (Part 1 to 9).”

I immediately found his approach very interesting because he managed to, in a single post, perfectly highlight the signature design strengths of 81 independent watch brands. So, it’s no surprise the post I’ve chosen comes from his feed and features a watch from a futuristic independent brand.

My favorite Instagram post thus far in 2022 is the playful yet beautiful and original image of the MB&F HM10 Dark Bulldog RED posted to @watchinery on June 16th.

And now, enjoy Team Watchonista’s favorite watch-related Instagram posts from 2022 (so far)!

Team Watchonista’s Favorite Watch Related Instagram Posts of 2022 (So Far)

By Marco Gabella
Chairman & Executive Publisher

When I first saw the IG Reel from @singaporewatchclub about the insane Harry Winston Opus 3 in my feed, I was instantly amazed by its composition and play on speed.

If the above video posted on February 6th is not the absolute example of the style, originality, and, above all, the relevancy of this creation, then I don’t know what is. Why? Because “jumping” mechanisms are in extreme demand right now, especially jump-seconds and jump-minutes. However, most of these uber-cool beauties are now broken or sleeping somewhere in a safe. So it’s also a miracle to have found a collector able to provide a working specimen of legendary Opus 3 by Vianney Halter.

By Mike Espindle
Executive Editor

Look, I am passionate about timepieces, and covering them is what pays the bills around here. However, I treat my Insta-Life more as recreational than vocational. But artist Dan Tanenbaum, a.k.a. @watchpartsmotorscycles, has a special place in my heart.

Watchonista colleague Rhonda Riche turned me onto her fellow Torontonian last year. And I was instantly fascinated by his unexpected use of watch parts to create art, fashion, and…um…things that aren’t watches. Dubbing himself an “horological artist,” Tanenbaum’s creations are at once lovely, inventive, thought-provoking, and humorous.

He posts frequently, so there is always something new to enjoy. But my definite favorite from the past six months is the above miniature Vespa he made out of what I believe is a vintage Elgin.

By Vincent Brasesco

One of my favorite posts this year is from man-about-town, and dear friend, Matt Hranek. Posted in May to his Instagram account, @wmbrownproject, the below image was shot by Stephen Lewis for his book A Man & His Watch.

While the watch in question – Fred Astaire's Cartier Cintree - is certainly beautiful in its own right, this photograph really captures the emotion behind the piece and the engraving. The photo says that this watch has a story to tell, and that's one of the primary reasons I am drawn to vintage watches. I love the lives they have lived and the stories they have to tell; and that is the ethos behind Matt's book.

By Jessica “J.J.” Owens

My favorite post so far in 2022 was by @playdohopulence, run by Caroline Butterworth. She makes everything from Birkins to Petrossian caviar tins (and even the swim deck at Eden Rock). However, there is the catch: All her creations are made out of playdoh.

I love the irreverence, but I also adore the sheer creativity, especially when she makes watches. Naturally, I was drawn to the iced-out Royal Oak and the Cartier Crash she constructed, but the above RM11-01 Flyback Roberto Mancini takes the cake (or should I say dough?).

By Rhonda Riche

I’ve been a longtime fan of the eclectic collection of vintage timepieces featured on, but her ring watches really blow my mind.

Then, on June 29th, she posted an incredible Southwestern turquoise piece set with a tiny Caravelle cocktail watch, and I can’t stop thinking about it.

By Steven Rogers

I really like the IG Reel @phillipswatches posted on March 25th. In it, they invite budding watch enthusiast @watch_it_with_amandine to give her personal take on some of the lots up for sale at the Geneva Watch Auction XIV.

The video begins in purposefully uninspiring style, with Aurel Bacs giving a staid and stuffy introduction to the history of the Royal Oak before the auction legend stops to hand over to Amandine. The youngster then shines as she gives her fresh, unfiltered thoughts on the MB&F HM6, Ming x Massena LAB, Rolex Deep Sea Special, Bulgari Octo Finissimo, and Harry Winston Opus 1. Showing passion, great taste, and a precocious knowledge of watches, she’s absolutely adorable, and is a real inspiration to the next generation of watch fans.

Props to Bacs for sending himself up. Also, kudos to Amandine, who has now garnered over 1,800 followers on her Instagram account, including brands, company CEOs, journalists, retailers, and movie star Kristin Scott Thomas.

By Ash Longet
PR & Business Development

My deep, abiding crush on uncommon and brilliantly thought-out watches led me to pick the photo posted by @thehorophile on January 31st as my fave one. Designed by @thehorophile in collaboration with and @ophionwatches, the Art Deco-inspired Gilt Spectre was my colleague Steven Roger’s Watchonista Staff Pick for January, and with good reason. It is a statement all its own.

The above picture genuinely reflects every single detail. For instance, the subtle interplay between the surface texture of the anthracite gray dial, the rose gold-toned Breguet numerals, and the sandblasted titanium case by Voutilainen & Cattin is readily apparent.

I can’t help but wonder: What will be @thehorophile’s next art piece?

By Elena Fichtel
Deputy Managing Editor

I am a big fan of watercolors. My grandmother was a talented watercolorist and all-around painter. Then there is my sister. She is also a gifted watercolorist and all-around painter (meanwhile, I can’t draw a stick figure to save my life). I even commissioned a tattoo by @mrcoffeybean, who specializes in watercolor-inspired body art, to create and ink a bespoke tattoo.

So, I suppose it’s only natural that my pick is the above post from February 11th featuring a watercolor of a Cartier Crash from the immensely talented (and inaptly named) @badartnicewatch.

To put it in the plainest terms possible: I love this post!

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