A Look Back at the Intriguing Tale of Sammy Davis Jr’s Cartier Pasha

A Look Back at the Intriguing Tale of Sammy Davis Jr’s Cartier Pasha

Frank Sinatra was a very giving person. Gifting numerous keepsakes to friends, family, and collaborators. One such heirloom is a peculiar Cartier Pasha given to Sammy Davis Jr. shortly before he passed away.

By Watchonista

As rumor has it, when Sammy Davis Jr. passed away in 1990, he was buried with a large number of valuables, including jewelry and this very Cartier Pasha. Engraved “Sammy, I Luv Ya, F.A.S.”

While a burial should be the end of any story, this particular Cartier has led a life beyond the grave and perhaps even appeared at auction….

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