Bezel Olympics: Can You Identify These Watch Bezels?

Bezel Olympics: Can You Identify These Watch Bezels?

Did you breeze through our watch hands quiz with ease? Did our crown quiz present a worthy challenge for you? Surely you can identify these bezel designs by just their silhouettes, can’t you?

By Liam O'Donnell

Watch design is the apex amalgamation of art and science. Whether you see them as a piece of art or a tool to get the job done, there’s no denying that design is at the crux of it all. So, you think you’ve got what it takes to identify these iconic watch bezels correctly? Read on to play!

Silhouette #1

Synonymous with James Bond, this particular bezel is arguably the most recognizable bezel on earth. Specifically, it is known for its repeating cylindrical ridges, aluminum or Cerachrom insert, legible sans-serif typeface, and prominent 12 o’clock pip.

Additionally, its rugged good looks, robust nature, and no-frills ergonomics make it a favorite for many. It is no surprise that this iconic sports watch has become the most widely recognized mark of success in modern society.

Silhouette #2

This dive watch bezel is steeped in military history and holds an honored place in the hearts of many wristwatch enthusiasts. Hailing from the same country that gave the world Galileo Galilei, Leonardo Fibonacci, and Sophia Loren, this manufacture’s timepieces are unlike any other.

Look closely, and you will find that this brand’s design language shares many of its elements with traditional maritime aesthetics. From its ultra-legible instrumentation to its utilitarian design, there is always something to love about this brand.

Silhouette #3

For an artist who utterly disliked being bound by time, Gérald Genta ended up designing not one or two, but a handful of the most iconic watches ever, bezels included. And while it was not an initial success, this octagonal bezel with hexagonal screws has now become the face of Genta’s extensive body of work.

Silhouette #4

Born in the 1970s, when stainless steel sports watches were in their infancy and the quartz crisis was at its peak, this octagonal bezel shares its good looks with another iconic watch. During this past decade of revivals, the rerelease of this luxury Swiss watch has received notable success.

Silhouette #5

While this bezel design may not be brand new, this crenelated beauty easily stands out from the pack, thanks to its bold repeating notches. You may be thinking this bezel is from a particular group of engine-turned watches from the mid-twentieth century, but you’d be mistaken. It does, however, share its lineage with them. And due to the immense popularity of vintages watches over the past decade, this bezel design has seen a resurgence.

Closing Ceremonies

Okay, so you’ve been running rings around yourself to figure which bezels belong to which watch. Now let’s see how many you got right.

Scroll down for the answers!

(Visual creations by Liam O'Donnell)

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