10 Watch Accessories That You Didn’t Know You Needed…Until Now

10 Watch Accessories That You Didn’t Know You Needed Until Now

When you have a passion for watches, there is a whole world of paraphernalia to augment your love for horology.

By Sophie Furley

Today, Watchonista takes a look at some of the best watch accessories on the market. From gadgets to pouches, storage solutions, and tools, you are going to want all of these things!

1 – The Buben&Zörweg Illusion

Buben&Zörweg is best known for its elegant watch safes, which are made with the same attention to detail as the watches you put inside them. The Illusion is one of our favorite safes for the home or office. It is called the Illusion because it doesn’t look anything like a safe. It opens via a biometric fingerprint lock, and its interior trays lift up like a spaceship. It also includes an alarm and the latest in LED light technology.  

Price on request / buben-zorweg.com

2 – Maus UV Electric Torch By Muyshondt

Anyone who loves admiring the luminescence on their watches in the dark will just love this gadget, as it immediately charges up the SuperLumiNova on a watch’s dial. Apparently, it can also be used for inspecting paper currency, illuminating your children’s glow-in-the-dark stars, and scanning a campsite for scorpions and other arthropods! In our opinion, it is an all-round must-have.

Price: $400 / shop.muyshondt.net

3 – The Watch Repair Kit By Lorenzi Milano

This elegant travel watch repair kit was handcrafted by the artisans at Lorenzi Milano using soft Nappa leather. The set features a screwdriver, screwdriver bits, and different tools for changing a watch’s strap or bracelet. It also includes a case-opening knife, small brush, magnifier, and tweezers.  The lid of the case can also be used to place the watch during your horological repair operations.

Price: 665 EUR / lorenzi-milano.com

4 – The TYMC Timegrapher MTG-9900A Personal Watch Timer Tester

Test and display the beat noise, amplitude, and beat error of your mechanical watches with the MTG9900A personal watch timer tester. It can test beat rates of 12,000, 14,400, 19,800, 21,600, 25,200, 28,800, and 36,000 BPH in just a few seconds, or you can manually set the beat rate to be tested. It also tests the lift angle at 52 degrees or 38 degrees for coaxial watches. This new generation tester is equipped with a digital color touch screen, automatic microphone, and mini heat-sensitive printer for hours of fun!

Price: $1,299 / esslinger.com

5 – The Dom Reilly Watch Roll

Dom Reilly crafts luxury travel accessories for globetrotters who want functionality as well as style. The eponymous creator of the brand, Dominic Reilly, spent more than fifteen years crossing the globe with the Williams F1 Team, which explains both the source of his inspiration and his knowledge of what the constant traveler needs.  Photographed here is the brand’s black leather watch roll. It is lined with a luxurious nubuck leather to keep your watches scratch-free, and the exterior is clad in exquisitely handcrafted full-grain leather.

Price: £205 / domreilly.com

6 – Project LpX by MB&F And Loupe System

This joint venture between watchmaker MB&F and portable magnifying glass company Loupe System has resulted in a rocket ship with dust-free storage for the highest quality magnification loupes to view watch movement details. The base is made of anodized aluminum and contains a tritium capsule “booster” that emits a cosmic glow in the dark. The rocket’s modular body fits together using a clicking bayonet system (similar to the lens mount on an SLR camera), holds three loupes, and stands on three stainless steel landing struts.

Price: $3,300 / mbandf.com

7 – Hermès Plumes De Brazil Watch And Jewelry Box

The Hermès Plumes de Brazil watch and jewelry box holds three timepieces and has space for a selection of jewelry. It is made from sycamore and Swift calfskin with hand-embroidered silk threads on the outside and is fitted with goatskin suede on the inside.

Price: CHF 11,850 / hermès.com

8 – Caran D’Ache Timegraph

This elegant fountain pen by the Swiss writing instrument company Caran d’Ache features a real mechanical movement inside that took over two years of research and development to complete. Produced in collaboration with the Manufacture LTM S.A. based in Fleurier, the ultra-thin caliber is protected front and back by sapphire crystals and has a 40-hour power reserve. It comes in a palladium-coated case with parts in black PVD. Plus, there is a large choice of 18-karat gold nibs to suit each client.

Price: From CHF 40,000 / carandache.com

9 – Wolf Chloé Single Winder

A pretty little watch winder for ladies, the Chloé Single Winder is decorated with laser-cut, cream-colored leather featuring an intricate design. Like all Wolf winders, the Chloé Single Winder counts the precise number of bi-directional rotations (most winders estimate the number) and has patented rotation programs that include intermittent rotation with pause and sleep phases pre-programmed. There are also matching jewelry boxes and rolls.

Price: 299 EUR / wolf1834.com

10 – Patek Philippe Nautilus Cufflinks

Many luxury watch brands make small accessories such as cufflinks, money clips, jewelry, and keychains. They don’t tend to advertise them, but if you go poking around on their website, you often find all kinds of wonderful objects, which provide great gift ideas for people who love a particular brand. Here are a pair of white gold Nautilus cufflinks from Patek Philippe – for all those on the waiting list for the watch!

Price: $4,900 / patek.com

(Images provided by the brands)

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