The Seiko Lukia: A New Collection Paying Tribute To The Modern Spirit Of Ginza

The Seiko Lukia: A New Collection Paying Tribute To The Modern Spirit Of Ginza

For the first time, Seiko is making the Lukia collection available worldwide. To celebrate, the brand is releasing six new Lukia models paying tribute to the avant-garde spirit of the iconic Ginza district.

By Viviana Shanks
Social Media Manager and Junior Editor

Japan is full of beauty and wonder. It's always top of mind for avid fans of discovery and uniqueness. When visiting Japan, especially Tokyo, you will undoubtably find yourself in the iconic Ginza district, home of upscale dining and shopping. Ginza is also the place where most of the world’s marketing innovations are tested. Imagine New York City's Times Square, but more elegant and sophisticated, a place locals are happy to visit. Standing tall at the center of Ginza is the Ginza Wako store, at the top of which is the famous Hattori Clock Tower built by Seiko’s founder.

A Tribute on the Wrist 

The Seiko Lukia has been on the wrists of distinguished women in Asia since 1995. But for the first time, Seiko is making the Lukia available worldwide. To mark the occasion, Seiko took inspiration from its ancestral headquarters in Ginza. Although it is no longer the watchmaker’s headquarters, Seiko’s Hattori clock still sits at the top of the most iconic building in Ginza. The elegant streets of the posh Ginza district are still an inspiration for many and a popular destination for both tourists and locals. It is here where tradition meets the latest trends and where locals and tourists go to pass the time and shop.  

The New Seiko Lukia Automatic Collection

The Seiko Lukia is a perfect interpretation of this iconic place. The multi-layered dial and multifaceted case play beautifully with the light, just like the Ginza lights. The mother-of-pearl dial is engraved with a flower motif that goes from the hands to the diamond indices. No dial is the same, making the timepiece as unique as the spirit of the district. The Seiko Lukia would be a perfect addition to the wrist of any sophisticated ladies who shop in Ginza.

The New Seiko Lukia Automatic "Sakura"

Colors Rich in Emotion 

Japan is well known for its captivating and well-kept natural beauty. Every year, thousands gather to admire the cherry blossom trees that bloom all around the country. While visiting the monuments, you're surrounded by magnificent trees and ponds. To pay tribute to this rich heritage, each Lukia dial has been carefully crafted to reveal hues from traditional Japanese concepts of color that come from nature.

The New Seiko Lukia Automatic "Sakura"

These new timepieces come in six different colors, each with matching Japanese names. It's hard to choose, but my favorite may well be the deep red Kurenai, which means confidence and passion.

The New Seiko Lukia Automatic "Kurenai"

The deep blue Ruri-iro is supposed to recall a deep blue evening sky; however, it brings me back to glaciers and ice. Especially when I look at the dial, the engraved flower reminds me more of a snowflake because of the different dial textures of each petal.

The New Seiko Lukia Automatic "Ruri"

Going back to Ginza, the inspiration for the Lukia, Seiko created the Aoshiro-Tsurubami. This graceful grey mother-of-pearl dial is chic and modern, evoking the stones of Ginza’s back streets. The Aoshiro-Tsurubami comes in a two-tone case, intensifying the effect of the multi-dimensional case.

The New Seiko Lukia Automatic "Aoshiro-tsurubami"

Another Ginza inspired color is the Tsukishiro, conjuring the moonrise over Ginza and the lights of the district. The Tsukishiro is the only piece in the collection with a 55 diamond-set bezel, making this piece the most jewelry focussed of the collection. The Tsukishiro will be limited to 250 pieces.

The New Seiko Lukia Automatic Caseback

Japanese Craftsmanship 

Every piece of the Seiko Lukia collection is powered by an in-house automatic caliber 6R35, which offers an impressive power reserve of 70 hours. Each Seiko Lukia displays the date at 3 o’clock. The Seiko Lukia has has been produced with Japanese sensibilites. And you can admire this Japanese craftmanship through the sapphire crystal caseback. 

The New Seiko Lukia Automatic "Tsukishiro"

The Seiko Lukia will be available starting July 2020 and will range in cost from $1,300 to $1,400. The limited-edition Tsukishiro edition will be available in September and is priced at $2,350.

The New Seiko Lukia Automatic "Aoshiro-tsurubami"

(Photography by Liam O'Donnell)

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