OMEGA Speedmaster Chronoscope

Omega’s Newest Phenomenon: The New Speedmaster Chronoscope

Inspired by vintage pieces from the late 1930s and 40s coupled with contemporary technologies and materials, the new Speedmaster Chronoscope is a sight to behold.

By Ash Longet
PR & Business Development

Omega’s history with Chronoscope (a device used to accurately determine the duration of a phenomenon) began back in 1885 when its founder Louis Brandt introduced the first chronoscope pocket watch. This reliable tool watch would go on to be used by doctors, the military, and more.

Omega continued its history in the Chronoscope in the late 30s and 40s and, more recently, introduced a version in the De Ville family in 2007. The modern Chronoscope introductions are powered by the brand’s proprietary Co-Axial Escapement and feature dials with easily readable Chronoscope scales for their multiple timekeeping functions.

Today in Milan, Italy, Omega has enriched its Speedmaster collection by adding seven new models featuring chronoscope functionalities.

Introducing the Speedmaster Chronoscope

The name for the new Speedmaster declination - derived from the Greek expressions khronos meaning ‘time’ and skopos ‘observe’ – is no coincidence. The eye-catching dial of the watch - available in silvery blue, dark blue and white, and oxidized bronze - each features a Tachymeter, a Telemeter, and a Pulsometer.

As CEO of Omega Raynald Aeschlimann commented, “We wanted to come with the iconic Speedmaster chronograph and give it a new face based on Omega’s history and legacy. Speedmaster is not only a Moon watch.”

“[With Speedmaster Chronoscope] We bring a watch with technological advances with respect to beauty and elegance.”


Capturing space in time

“Everything is about calculating a phenomenon, whether it is about measuring units produced in one hour, the distance, or the pulse,” says the head of product development and product management Gregory Kissling.

To understand the unique dial layout of the Speedmaster Chronoscope, let’s break it down. The watch’s bezel features a tachymeter that measures units per hour, for example, the distance and speed of a lap around a race track.

Next is the unique Chronoscope timing scale on the dial, marked by a telemeter and pulsometer. Telemeters were originally invented and used by artillery units meant to measure distance based on the speed of sound.

And, of course, the pulsometer, which measures a human’s heartbeat. With this 30-pulses-per-minute scale, you can measure your own or someone else’s heartbeat. With a simple two-step process, Omega's Speedmaster Chronoscope can tell you how fast you are going, based on how far you have traveled, and accurately determine the duration of a phenomenon.

Omega’s exclusive Bronze Gold

The new Speedmaster Chronoscope comes in seven references. Six references in stainless steel and one in Bronze Gold, a proprietary alloy produced by Omega.

The Bronze Gold model features an oxidized bronze dial with a patinated finish - and silvery opaline subdials. A polished brown ceramic bezel ring with tachymeter scale in “vintage” enamel completes the look.

The heritage-inspired heart of the watch

Another vintage touch of the watch lies in its thin (by Omega standards, 6.4 mm) manual-winding Co-Axial Master Chronometer Calibre 9908 movement. A standout feature is the design of the Chronoscope bridge which offers plenty of space for the Geneva striping that starts from the balance wheel instead of the center of the movement – another first for Omega.

As a certified Master Chronometer, the Speedmaster Chronoscope has endured the industry’s strictest tests, set by the Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology (METAS). Featuring a 60-hour power reserve, this timepiece offers the uttermost performance and durability. At the same time, they are giving modern and vintage Omega collectors something to lust after.

Pricing and availability

The Omega Speedmaster Chronoscope models won’t be limited in production. The six versions in stainless steel will be available in stores immediately and priced at 8’600 CHF on a steel bracelet and 8’300 CHF on a leather strap, whereas the Bronze Gold version will be available later this year and priced at 13’400 CHF on a leather strap.

(Images © OMEGA Watches)

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