The Material World: Hublot Continues To Explore The Art Of Fusion In 2020

The Material World: Hublot Continues To Explore The Art Of Fusion In 2020

The luxury brand hits new heights of opulence with their latest launches.

By Rhonda Riche

Hublot always finds new ways to make its timepieces even more indulgent. And at LVMH Watch Week, the brand is introducing three new launches designed to indulge the senses from almost every angle. 

Of course, Hublot is well known for its multi-media artistry, but these novelties add an extra element of richness to some much-loved collections. So, let’s dive in and see just how extravagant wrist time can be!  


Of all the precious metals, gold is the only one we think of as warm. It’s comforting to the touch, and it looks good too. This year, Hublot is using the element in a new way. The Classic Fusion Gold Crystal is a watch boasting a dial with the rarest form of gold on Earth: gold crystal. 

Hublot’s Research and Development Department creates this material by heating the purest, 24K gold to its melting point, a process the team compares to steam carrying atoms of gold. After distillation, these particles take a crystalline form when they reach the cold surface, forming random and unique shapes. 

A master dial maker then selects the gold crystals (only 20 percent are used) and then sets them, piece by piece, cluster by cluster, on the black dial. Once in place, they are secured in a proprietary transparent lacquer. It’s a painstaking procedure that must be performed in a vacuum to avoid any air bubbles appearing. The process is repeated twenty times to hold the crystals. Finally, the dial is hand polished until the lacquer is invisible and gives it a perfectly flat surface. 

As a result, each watch is unique. And while the Classic Fusion is Hublot’s most discreet design, the richness of the gold crystal adds a touch of flamboyance. A black ceramic case, available in 38mm or 45mm, further enhances the glory of the gold. And it houses an automatic HUB1112 mechanical movement with a 42-hour power reserve. A black alligator strap stitched onto rubber supplies the final touch of elegance.


Sometimes the ultimate luxury is simply feeling pampered. Now, with Hublot’s shearling-lined, One Click Cuddly Cuffs, you can make wearing your Big Bang feel as coddling as being wrapped up in blankets après ski in Gstaad.

These four removable shearling Cuddly Cuffs come in brown, camel, blue or black and are designed to be fitted on the leather and rubber straps of Big Bang 39 mm cases. The company’s patented One Click system attachment lets you swap out your strap in a single step, allowing you to quickly change yours between hygge breaks and fancier festivities.

Did we mention how soft and supple these sheepskin cuffs feel? Well, the rest of our body is jealous of the wrist.


In our somewhat chaotic times, rainbows provide a shot of optimism when the world seems sort of grey. Maybe that’s why rainbow-hued timepieces have proven so popular lately. The rainbow has always been a symbol of peace, joy, and optimism. Its appearance in the sky after a hard rain always feels like a bit of magic.

Last year, Hublot adorned the Big Bang with multi-hued, brilliant gemstones and now it’s the Spirit of Big Bang’s turn to take on the shades of the rainbow. The rosy tones of the Spirit’s 42mm or 39mm barrel-shaped case are pave set with round and baguette-cut stones. On the 39-mm model, the dial is also lavishly sprinkled with sparkling sapphires, rubies, topazes, tsavorites, and amethysts. 

Hublot has always prided itself on its innovation in coming up with new substances, such as King Gold and the aforementioned gold crystal. The alchemy in this piece is how the materials are used. The prismatic effect continues with an iridescent alligator strap. 

Finally, the pot of gold at the end of this arc is the Hublot HUB4700 movement, considered by many collectors as one of the best Swiss chronographs ever manufactured. 

(Photography by Watchonista & Hublot)

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