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NOMOS, the Clever Germans from Glashütte Strike Again!

In-Depth and Hands-On with NOMOS’ Baselworld 2018 Novelties.

By Benjamin Teisseire

NOMOS, the nimble manufacture from Glashütte, is already well-known for their innovative and easy to use mechanical calibers powering sleek and affordable timekeepers. At Baselworld 2018, they introduced a second in-house movement, the neomatik DUW 6101, enriched with an intelligently adaptable date function.

neomatik DUW 6101, a multifaceted caliber

The initial idea was to create an easily adjustable date. The characteristically innovative spirit of the house led to a totally flexible caliber which enables a customizable date display. Brilliant!

The neomatik's new conception is so original that it offers an unprecedented flexibility for the date display. The starting point was that the date should be positioned near the case’s edge. Nothing revolutionary so far…but the ring cleverly placed around the 35.2mm wide and only 3.6mm high mechanical movement enables the date to be placed freely on the dial’s periphery. Any aesthetic code becomes possible, from the sportier to the most formal. The other ingenuity resides in the ease of use – the date can be set in both directions by simply turning the crown thanks to a specially shaped gear wheel, which connects directly with the date disk. Simple and efficient. The isochronism is guaranteed by the NOMOS-Swing-System, its blue spiral and proprietary escapement. Finishing is remarkable for the price point: polished angles, circular graining, Glashütte stripes, gold plated engraving, blued screws, openwork oscillating mass for enhanced visibility. What more could you ask for?

3 new emblematic models

NOMOS offers three new versions of the neomatik in their new caliber, all sized at 41mm: Tangente neomatik 41 Update, Orion neomatik 41 date, and the Ludwig neomatik 41 date. The feat is that each one possesses its own date display. The Tangente neomatik reveals the most graphic expression with a peripheral display of the date on the dial. The trick is that the date ring bears two red marks which frame the right quantum. A completely new and ultra-legible display mode exclusive to NOMOS. The Orion neomatik is more restrained, more classical with its large window at the edge of the dial at 3 o’clock. It fits perfectly amidst the ring of minutes indexes and slim hours baton appliques. The Ludwig is the dressier watch with its large window date elegantly situated at 4 o’clock to create a nice balance with the large Roman numerals indexes. One almost forgets the small seconds counter at 6 o’clock and its small baton hand which animates all these extremely well-thought dials.

The new Autobahn collection

NOMOS does not stop here and introduces a new, resolutely sporty collection: the Autobahn. Created in collaboration with renowned product designer Werner Aisslinger, it is inspired from speed and evokes sports cars counters. The details make the difference as you immerse in this universe: a white, red or light blue hand, white or blue SuperLuminova for an optimal night vision, a sporty light grey, night blue or white silver plated dial, and a red tip for the minute hand. Everything is designed to inspire speed but without being too much. Once more the chameleon neomatik caliber unveils a new date display in a large window at 6 o’clock reminiscent of a gas gauge.

A touch of sweetness

To end this flurry of goodies, NOMOS serves 4 Petits Fours, new declinations of the Tetra series. 4 new colors are presented in delicious squares enhanced by indexes and hands of vivid colors as well: Matcha green, royal blue indexes, silver hands; Azur blue, grey indexes, green hands; Pearl pink, violet indexes, golden hands; Grenadine pink, red indexes, golden hands. NOMOS also has a sense of humor but remains serious when it comes to the movement beating at the heart of these little joyful gems. The reliable mechanical automatic caliber Alpha is at work here. Adjusted in six positions it is also finely decorated with Glashütte stripes, circular NOMOS graining and blued screws.

With a touch of humor, vivid colors, a new movement with a completely innovative date display creating 4 new styles: NOMOS offers a wide range of timekeepers. All are irresistible. With their appealing price points why resist the temptation? The toughest part will be to make a choice.

(Photography by Liam O’Donnell)

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