Inspected Gadgets: A Gift Guide Inspired By The Rado Captain Cook High-Tech Cera

Inspected Gadgets: A Gift Guide Inspired By The Rado Captain Cook High-Tech Ceramic

High-tech products don’t have to feel cold. So, this holiday season, present your loved ones with advanced gear that has a heart.

By Rhonda Riche

Making and reading year-end lists is fun, especially when revisiting highlights from the past year. For example, while preparing this holiday gift guide, we traveled back in time to May when we first wrote about the Rado Captain Cook High-Tech Ceramic.

This skeletonized take on the classic Captain Cook was original in so many ways: the lightweight ceramic materials allowing for a bigger case, the tinted sapphire display keeping it from looking too busy, and the innovative automatic movement for improved accuracy.

What we didn’t note back in May is that, despite all of its cutting-edge engineering, the Captain Cook High-Tech Ceramic feels rugged and endearing at the same time. It is comfortable to wear on land and under the water. And it got us thinking about other high-tech gifts that also offer a sensation of comfort and joy. Here’s Watchonista’s wish list.

Rado Captain Cook High-Tech Ceramic

Here’s the watch that inspired this gift guide.

A marriage between the brand’s signature dive watch and its tradition of crafting ceramic monobloc cases, the Captain Cook High-Tech Ceramic is the perfect encapsulation of the Rado DNA. But more than that, it’s a timepiece that points to the future.

The tinted sapphire dial and display caseback, for instance, reveal the premium Rado calibre R734 featuring a Nivachron hairspring. This innovative hairspring provides an advantage in everyday life by protecting the timepiece from magnetic fields thrown from the gadgets we surround ourselves with all the time.

And priced at $3,700, if you have a $4,000 gift-giving budget, then you can still fill those stockings with at least some of the following gifts.

Casper Glow Light

Nothing is warmer than light, and nothing is more comforting than a good night’s sleep. This touch light helps you get both.

By casting a warm glow at bedtime that gradually dims over a 45-minute period, the Glow Light from Casper will help ease even the most obstinate night owl into slumberland. Additionally, when you set the app to wake you up, the lamp will gradually brighten in the morn. Plus, it gets bonus points for its modern, portable design.

Sony WF-1000XM4 Noise Canceling Truly Wireless Earbuds

These truly wireless earbuds from Sony offer the most effective noise-cancelling Bluetooth technology in their class.

Moreover, they feature a sleek design that gives them a tighter, more comfortable fit. And with eight hours of battery life, they last longer than most of their fellow, high-end earbuds. While it’s nice that they cancel out unwanted noises (perfect for when you want to block out certain holiday celebrations), they also deliver great sound quality.

Levi’s Horizontal Lanyard Bag

Gear heads need something to carry all these gadgets around. May we suggest this Levi’s Horizontal Lanyard Bag?

It’s got that authentic Levi’s vibe, and it’s the perfect size to store a phone, earbuds, and sunglasses, making it the ideal carry-all for concerts, festivals, or just holiday exploration.

Ohom Ui Self-Heating Ceramic Mug & Charger

Maybe the warmest tech present of all, the Ui Mug by Los Angeles-based design firm Ohom is a self-heating ceramic cup that uses electromagnetic energy to keep cocoa hot on the coldest winter’s day.

But that’s not all!

This revolutionary smart mug not only keeps your coffee or tea at the perfect drinking temperature (130°F / 55°C) but its base doubles as a wirelessly charging station for your cell phone and earbuds.

(Rado images by Kat Shoulders)

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