Video: Collectors Collect – Matthew Ivanhoe and His Cars
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Video: Collectors Collect – Matthew Ivanhoe and His Cars

Welcome to something a little different, a little more esoteric than a routine watch conversation, interview, or photoshoot. Welcome to Collectors Collect!

By Vincent Brasesco

A term we often hear in the world of watches is the “collecting gene.” It refers to the idea that if you are a collector, you often collect more than one thing, but there is usually one type of collector’s item that reigns supreme. For instance, you may like watches, but you LOVE something else.

With that in mind, Watchonista created the “Collectors Collect” video series to explore the “something else,” whether it be movie posters, pens, lighters, cigars, or pinball machines.

For our inaugural piece, I’m excited to cross over into a world for which I have a deep affection and fascination, classic cars.

Why Do We Love Cars?

One of the defining objects of the 20th century, the automobile was born out of necessity in the twilight of the 19th century but rapidly became a canvas upon which car makers could exert their influence on design, engineers their ingenuity, and individual consumers could project their personal style.

Fast-forward to today, and the car has transformed our entire existence while remaining a potent force for individual expression.

The Cultivated Collector: Matthew Ivanhoe

Matthew Ivanhoe is one of those people driven by passion, provenance, and the collector-gene.

The proprietor of The Cultivated Collector, Matthew is a very knowledgeable watch collector with many enviable pieces in his collection, but his first love is cars. A love that seemingly blossomed at birth, Matthew’s passion for cars so consumed him that he eschewed the world of finance to enter the classic car industry, but what better excuse to pursue one’s passions than by calling it “work.”

Team Watchonista visited Matthew at his offices and showroom in New Canaan, Connecticut, to discuss what appeals to him in cars and watches, his collecting story, and some of the favorite pieces in his collection (both the 4-wheeled and wrist-worn variety). Enjoy!

(Photography by Liam O'Donnell)

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