A Trip to Chinatown with Lamborghini and Roger Dubuis
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A Trip to Chinatown with Lamborghini and Roger Dubuis

We head to the Downtown Los Angeles neighborhood and discover a feast for the senses.

By Alexandra Cheney

There is nothing subtle about this duo of brands, which is perhaps how they found each other. Designed as a street-homologated race car, the 2021 Lamborghini Huracán STO, quite simply, demands open roads. The 5.2-liter V10 naturally-aspirated engine gurgles and growls when shifting or stopping, turning passers-by into hangers-on instantaneously. Even in “Nero Noctis,” Lamborghini’s term for a shade of black that is as deep and reflective as a moonlit night sky, the supercar garners attention.

Conversely, the skeletonized Excalibur Spider Huracán DLC Titanium 45mm from Roger Dubuis features an RD630 calibre with 223 components. It’s not a dripping-in-diamonds showstopper, but double-takes abound.

Combining the two made for a raucous late afternoon and full evening excursion.

Supplied by the City of Angels

Although Los Angeles’ reputation precedes itself when it comes to traffic, it’s certainly possible to find places where the highway clears, and the green wave of streetlights encourages exploration. At 631 horsepower, this Raging Bull likes to run alone.

Wild in demeanor and appearance, with an unmissable adjustable carbon-fiber wing (contributing to the car’s 926 pounds of downforce at 174 mph), there are zero frills.

Inspired by the racing heritage of Squadra Corse with the Huracán Super Trofeo EVO and Huracán GT3 EVO, the Huracán STO (which stands for Super Trofeo Omologato) opts out of cupholders, sound deadening, floor carpets, and three-point seat belts. Instead, there’s clearly identifiable, at times deafening, engine and tire feedback. The single-piece race seats provide efficiency over comfort.

Words like stiff, hilarious, and severe describe the sensations as I tap the throttle, navigating the palm tree-lined snaking streets of Elysian Park and the hills behind Dodger Stadium. As the sun begins to slouch toward the horizon, handfuls of car enthusiasts and photographers flock to the STO, surprised to find a woman behind the wheel.

The Excalibur Spider Huracán DLC Titanium

The angular and, some may say, aggressive lines and proportions of the Lamborghini are echoed throughout Roger Dubuis’ Excalibur Huracán timepiece.

A 12° angled balance wheel epitomizes the movement signature associated with Lamborghini Squadra Corse. Likewise, the 360° oscillating weight is inspired by the Huracán wheel. Plus, according to the brand, the upper calibre features a strut-bar design bridge reminiscent of those found on the V10 engine of the Lamborghini Huracán supercar.

At 7.78 mm thick, the watch, similar to the car, feels purposeful on the wrist. Certainly unique and definitely not quotidian, the pair share characteristics – specialty materials, balance, micro-engineering – that enthusiasts will both recognize and appreciate.

Bright Lights, Big City

The veil of night allowed for shadow play as L.A.’s neon lights reflected off the hood and drifted across the side panels of the car. Eventually, my increased familiarity with the STO gave way to sharper corners, and a sense of rowdiness ensued. However, never once did the vehicle feel uncontrollable. In fact, the front-end grip roused confidence. So, while this car would absolutely feel most at home on a closed-course, the open road provided a welcome testing ground.

The Huracán STO, as tested, can be purchased for $394,033. The Excalibur Spider Huracán DLC Titanium 45mm is available for $49,000.

For more information about the Huracán STO, visit Lamborghini’s website.

For more information about the Excalibur Spider Huracán DLC Titanium 45mm, visit the Roger Dubuis website.

(Photography by Ethan Van Dusen)

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