On-Track And On-Trail With The Glashütte Original SeaQ 

On-Track And On-Trail With The Glashütte Original SeaQ

Glashütte Original’s new SeaQ dive watch in reed green is that versatile adventure watch we’ve all been waiting for. 

By Kyle Snarr

Last week, Watchonista Creative Studios showcased an exclusive video for the launch of the Glashütte Original SeaQ Dive Watch with a rich, reed green dial and bezel. We proved that this watch is far more versatile than one would initially think, given its unique colorway. The beautifully lacquered dial inspired us to take the watch on a couple of fresh bi-coastal adventures that were definitively not diving, despite the 20 engraved waves on the SeaQ’s caseback that cleverly alludes to its 20 bar (200 meter) water resistance.

SeaQ East: On-Track

The first of the two adventures was what we called a "gentleman’s drive." You can’t help but get some serious racing vibes from this new SeaQ. Again, its eye-catching dial and rotating bezel with ceramic inlay give off a vibe nearing a classic British racing green, but with something more. To really show off this effect, we asked Ben Tarlow, our friend from Mid-Century Motoring, to help us out. And it was his personal vehicle, a rare vintage car – one of only 300 – that we were interested in using. 

The car was purchased new by his grandfather, then sold out of the family around 2002. Seventeen years later, Ben found it on consignment at a shop in Miami. This particular vehicle seemed as though it was designed to be a timeless, multi-generational icon. 

“I think the word I always settle on when it comes to this car is purity,” said Ben. “Purity in driving feel and response, in engineering, in form, and style. This car is somehow more than the sum of its parts.” 

We wanted to see Ben with both the SeaQ and this car in his element, and that meant hitting the autocross course at the famed Lime Rock Park near Upstate New York. According to Ben, “It’s a legendary place, a deceptively simple layout that is actually so complex just under the surface.” This made it the perfect backdrop for the SeaQ on its unique and easy-to-size stainless steel bracelet, priced at $10,200.

Fortunately, the micro-adjustable clasp on the SeaQ’s stainless steel bracelet allows for a quick adjustment of up to 8mm with the push of a button embossed with their Double-G logo (located on the clasp). It speaks to the watch’s German engineering and ingenuity, which the car complements perfectly. 

“I love that particular green color, maybe it’s the early spring sunshine enhancing it, but it has really imprinted itself in my memory,” Ben continued. “It’s very comfortable both physically and aesthetically. I’m not a fan of flashy watches, and this one seemed subtle enough to wear anywhere.”

SeaQ West: On-Trail

Continuing with our grand experiment, we shipped the 39.5 mm-cased SeaQ to the opposite coast for a completely different experience: a Bay Area gravel bike ride with our friend Anthony Little. He chose to reconfigure the watch into its grey, synthetic cloth strap setup, priced at $9,000, to reduce weight and minimize potential vibration from the trail. Gravel biking is all about seamless transitions from road to dirt. And thanks to the SeaQ’s short, curved lugs, the watch hugs the wrist like a cyclist leaning into a curve.

Anthony’s bike is a completely custom green Mosaic GT-1 gravel bike, hearkening directly back to the SeaQ’s uniquely-hued dial and bezel. He said, “To me, it’s as beautiful as it is functional, being the perfect bike to explore on, race, or simply enjoy while running a simple errand. I’d been attracted to a green colorway after spending so much time in the woods recently.”

We encouraged him to take the SeaQ along for the ride on a trail he loves. He chose to crank his way to the coast, saying: “This coastal trail is so incredible! Riding from my house, it’s only about 30 minutes to get there, after about 300 meters of climbing. When you reach the precipice of the storied Muir Woods climb, you’re met with a sinuous ribbon of pavé just meters from a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean.” 

Anthony continued: “Shortly after that precipice, you take a dirt trail off the road that leads up a coastal ridgeline, overlooking the Pacific the entire way up to about 900 meters. It’s an incredible anomaly while climbing, as the view in front of you is an entirely undisturbed wilderness where you feel completely detached from the public. Though if you look behind you, the silhouette of the San Francisco city skyscrapers is well within view.” 

Of the SeaQ, he added, “Not unlike the Mosaic bicycle I was riding, this watch is a gorgeous representation between form and function. My personal favorite feature is the font of the numerals, with the 6 a reminder of the superlative design of the mid-century. I also love that this watch is something I could SCUBA with in the morning, dress up for a fancy brunch, and continue wearing for an afternoon ride. It says a lot to me when something of tremendous value not only transcends many different environmental aspects but adds a unique, heightened character to each situation.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

Exclusive Video: Glashütte Original SeaQ - West: On-Trail

We were told that the significance of Glashütte Original’s double-G logo was this: the first "G" faces backward toward the brand's history for inspiration, while the second "G" faces forward into future innovations. Our experiment in versatility followed suit with two similar perspectives. Whether you’re taking a drive down memory lane in a vintage car or leaning into the wind with a state-of-the-art gravel bike, this SeaQ is in its element.

Discover the versatility of the new Glashütte Original SeaQ for yourself.

(Photography by Watchonista)

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