HYT Moon Runner Supernova Blue

Water on the Moon? The Mechanics Behind HYT’s Moon Runner Supernova Blue

While next-generation watchmaker HYT has always relied on its own unique vision of time-telling, what it does to push that envelope impacts every component of its watchmaking approach. The recent Moon Runner Supernova Blue is a perfect example of its out-of-the-box-meets-traditional horological vision.

By Mike Espindle
Executive Editor

You cannot begin a discussion of HYT without getting into its unique method for tracking and presenting the time, which it calls “mecha-fluidic.” This mechanical-fluidic technology taps both micro-medical technology and fluid dynamic science, and the result is the visual marvel that is HYT’s signature retrograde hour indicator.

Meanwhile, inside the case, tiny micro-bellows push and pull colored fluid along an impossibly thin capillary tube to indicate the hour. These tiny bellows have to be calibrated for accuracy, and, in fact, even changing the time-telling fluid’s color can alter its overall density, which will often require even more calibration.

So, while HYT is not purely focused on traditional movement development, the brand’s approach requires just as much, if not more, technical know-how, exacting calibration, and dedication to precision. And traditional movement development has to keep up.

Technical By Nature

Nicolas Sestito, HYT’s Head of Operations, told us: “The two bellows and liquid indicator system not only adds a unique visual element but also poses technical challenges, often prompting HYT to refine and adapt our movements to ensure precision and reliability in timekeeping. This dual focus on horological craftsmanship and inventive innovation sets HYT apart in the watchmaking landscape.”

This spring’s release of the HYT Moon Runner Supernova Blue presents a compelling object lesson on the brand’s vision.

Lunar View

While the timepiece’s biggest eye-catcher continues to be the hour indicator with two central “bellow” reservoirs and the capillary surrounding the dial using a special Supernova Blue fluid, there is more to appreciate about this watch. Indeed, everything from the 48mm grey and blue titanium case to the blued dial with applied 3D indexes to the lumed numerals to the Moon Runner Supernova Blue’s unprecedented, highly stacked central moonphase indicator speaks volumes about the brand’s ability to bring not only cutting-edge presentation but edgy materials to bear in order to redefine what a moonphase watch can be.

New Moon

Furthermore, circling the central moonphase display on the dial are two stacked titanium rings that align under the arched indicator at 12 o’clock to show the day and month. The bottom of this arched indicator comprises a circular viewfinder to show the current phase of the moon as the black-and-blue central orb slowly rotates.

Meanwhile, the arrow-shaped minute indicator runs atop a blue graduated ring with an easy-to-read white minute gauge (broken into 5-minute intervals) resting just outside the arrow’s arc.

Look Ma, No Hands

You will notice we haven’t used the word “hands” anywhere. That’s because, in HYT’s vision, there are none. While this certainly is the hallmark of the brand’s unique zone of time-telling, in the case of this blue beauty, not having central “hands” also means you get a constantly updating yet always-unfettered view of the gorgeous blue moon spectacle playing out on your wrist.

“Each HYT watch represents a fusion of cutting-edge technology and traditional watchmaking craftsmanship,” Nicolas Sestito, HYT’s Head of Operations, told us. “This ensures customers receive a timepiece that is both technologically innovative and a masterpiece of watchmaking artistry; this is not just a promise but a meticulous practice embedded in the ethos of HYT.”

So, while you may have seen a moonphase watch that delivers the month and day before, we can all but guarantee you haven’t seen anything quite like this before.

Pricing & Availability

Limited to only 27 pieces, expect to pay about $125,000 for your ticket to the moon aboard the Moon Runner Supernova Blue. You can learn more at HYT’s website.

(Photography by Pierre Vogel)

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