At Play In The Metaverse: Inside H. Moser & Cie’s Genesis Project

At Play in the Metaverse: Inside H. Moser & Cie’s Genesis Project

The independent Swiss manufacture has created a new immersive luxury experience...and a physical timepiece that serves as the key to unlock it.

By Rhonda Riche

Last week, H. Moser & Cie. invited members of the press to preview a most unique concept – the 01100111 01100101 01101110 01100101 01110011 01101001 01110011 “Genesis” project.

According to the Moser Team, the Genesis project aims to create a “cutting-edge, customer-focused holistic ecosystem using decentralized technologies, including blockchain watch authentication, digital assets, and its own dedicated metaverse space.”

It’s such an all-encompassing endeavor, combining everything from blockchain authentication to insurance and online community building, that we wanted to take some time to process all this information. And to those not immersed in the language or practice of the virtual world, don’t panic – there is a cool physical and very fungible timepiece in this story.

All In

The invitation promised a launch that combined physical, digital, and virtual dimensions to create the ultimate luxury customer experience. The letters N, F, and T may have been floating around in there as well.

Given the recent concerns about cryptocurrency, you are forgiven if you are already skeptical. We were too. But because it’s Moser – one of the first independent watch brands to launch an e-commerce and certified pre-owned trading platform (in 2020) – if anyone can crack the nut that is creating a digital world for a community that celebrates mechanical watches it’s them.

The Genesis project is designed to fully integrate the mechanical, digital, and virtual dimensions. The Endeavour Center Seconds Genesis is the mechanical part of the project. Remember the Bulgari Octo Finissimo Ultra from earlier this year? The one with the scannable QR code? Based on Moser’s Endeavour Center Seconds, Genesis takes the concept even further.

Each limited-to-50-piece Endeavour Centre Seconds Genesis bears a unique QR code engraved on its sapphire crystal to authenticate ownership, access to the metaverse, purchase priority for future editions, and invitations to exclusive events.

The design also draws inspiration from the collection of squares and rectangles that provide the pixelated appearance of QR codes. And while the Genesis is forward-looking, its spirit recalls past iconoclastic Moser watches, such as the Swiss Alp and the Vantablack Streamliner.

Information Please?

The next pillar of the platform embraces decentralized technologies. In partnership with Aura Consortium and Deloitte, it features a dedicated app that allows authentication through blockchain technology, access to an exclusive Swiss chalet in the metaverse space, and NFT digital artworks centered around their watches and craftspeople.

For consumers, this could be the most intriguing part of the project. Think of the possibilities of having a timeline that isn’t a smartwatch but still has a digital footprint. All the paperwork as it pertains to insurance and authentication will live in the Moser Metaverse, while the watch lives on your wrist. Through Aura Blockchain Consortium, customers can access and trace their watch through its entire lifecycle from certification, warranty, insurance, and further customer services. This authentication will eventually be introduced for all Moser watches via the warranty card that is included with each model.

Since the secondary market has exploded in the last decade, this sort of digital diary should prove invaluable if the time comes when you want to rehome your watch.

To NFT or Not to NFT?

The physical watch is super cool. The blockchain business is amazing. Now, how about the dedicated metaverse space?

NFTs have experienced a seismic shift in how they are perceived over the last 12 months. We started the year buying up Bored Apes and ended up seeing these assets plummet in value. While H. Moser & Cie. recently started accepting direct payment in cryptocurrency, the brand is also taking a different approach to these assets, looking at them instead as a way to engage with their audience in a more meaningful way.

Through the Genesis project, enthusiasts can explore the Moserverse through non-speculative digital assets. These NFTs include digital artworks, in particular short "time capsule" videos promoting the product and the watchmakers behind it, ultimately sealing forever on the blockchain the moment each watch has completed production.

Moser has also created a virtual Swiss chalet where members can discover the history of the brand and the manufacture, and meet the Moser team in a new dimension. The idea of building an online virtual community for enthusiasts has been around forever. Long enough for even the most analog of enthusiasts to have an understanding of them.

Having visited Moser’s virtual chalet, we have mixed feelings. On the plus side, members have access to archives as well as advanced notice of events and future launches. As for the ultimate immersive luxury experience?

The interaction is a little chaotic (I did enjoy jumping on the virtual furniture and I swear I saw one of my colleagues walking around on the ceiling). But as CEO, Ed Meylan, explained, it is also designed to develop and evolve. If you can get the fans to visit, they will use the tools at hand to create their own culture. To preview the virtual chalet yourself, click HERE.

We’re keen to see how the Moserverse will expand (and looking forward to jumping on the furniture again).

Wrist Reality?

The 40mm Endeavour Centre Seconds Genesis is wrought in steel and titanium and takes the makers’ use of the impossibly black Vantablack material to a new level. Additionally, the 3D-printed crown and bezel appear pixelated and are perfectly matched to a micro-blasted steel case.

The design, however, unifies on the dial’s crystal, which is engraved with a unique QR code. Moreover, this QR code allows access to each timepiece’s authentication and privileged entry into the brand’s growing Web 3.0 world. Finally, sporting the HMC 200 movement, the Endeavour Centre Seconds Genesis offers 72 hours of power reserve and is water resistant to 30 meters.


Pricing & Availability

You can reserve one of 50 limited edition H. Moser Endeavour Centre Seconds Genesis timepieces that opens up these new possibilities on the H. Moser & Cie. website for CHF 27,000.

The avant-garde timepiece is the first in a triptych of planned products that bring next-generation technology to the wrist.

(Images © H. Moser & Cie.)

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