Lots Of Style - Finding Fashion in Phillips Upcoming 'Racing Pulse' Auction
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Lots Of Style - Finding Fashion in Phillips Upcoming 'Racing Pulse' Auction

Whether it’s hitting the pavement, making moves in the boardroom, or spending an evening with artwork, there’s a watch for you in the latest Phillips auction.

By Kyle Snarr

What happens when you peruse the catalog of Phillips’ forthcoming auction through an entirely different lens than the typical watch collector? We crafted three scenarios, selected six watches, and worked with an all-female cast of members from the Phillips Watches team to find a fresh take on style within the “Racing Pulse” auction.

Street-worthy Style 

Hitting the street with style can be heightened with the right watch on the wrist. Daniella Rosa, Business Development Manager for Phillips Watches in New York, has perfectly paired this Movado Sea-Sub Ref. 19038 from the 1950s (Lot 104) with a savvy sense of street style. This sporty, three-register chronograph fits flawlessly into the high-paced energy of Manhattan.

Daniella says, “This watch exudes a sporty elegance that I love – you can’t beat the subtle charm and character of a 1950s chronograph.”

As a streetable alternative, proving that a pop of color can make a serious statement, we took this same ensemble and paired it with a stunning Rolex Datejust, Ref. 16018, circa 1981 (Lot 28), featuring an 18K case and malachite dial. It’s almost shocking how the inclusion of a hint of green and gold can completely alter the attitude of an outfit.

Corporate Culture

Isabella Proia, Specialist for Phillips Watches, demonstrates that you can command a meeting room with the help of a vintage timepiece. This unique 35mm Omega Scarab wristwatch from 1938 (Lot 15) looks as fresh and stylish as the day it was designed, if not more so. Other than its striking clawed lugs, there is an understated elegance to this watch that can elevate any ensemble.

“I was surprised by how this scarab-form watch wore on my wrist,” says Isabella. “It has an unexpected elegance with a whimsical feel.”

We then swapped this early 20th-century timepiece for a much more modern piece, both in scale and complication. At 40mm, this F.P. Journe Chronomètre Optimum from 2018 (Lot 81) is all about wrist presence. With a combination of rare metals, from a platinum case to a rose gold movement to a titanium rementoir d'egalité system, this watch is both technical and tasteful.

Night at the Museum

We end the day with an examination of artistry both on the walls and on the wrist. Jennifer Chung, Administrator for Phillips Watches, arrives at the gallery wearing a Cartier Tortue Monopoussoir CPCP from 2003 (Lot 75). Its ornate dial and unconventional case shape blend perfectly with more formal attire and abstract art.

Jennifer says, “The Tortue Monopoussoir CPCP is a remarkably sophisticated wristwatch that is hardly ever seen at auction – it simply feels iconic.”

Finally, we bring a 1998 Mid-Size Nautilus, Ref. 3800/3J-001, by Patek Philippe (Lot 33) into this same environment, and encased in 18K yellow gold and diamonds, it absolutely pops. The contrast a full-gold watch and bracelet provides in nearly any scenario elevates everyone’s game.

(Photography by Liam O'Donnell)

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