Josh Hendizadeh's Guide to Los Angeles, Presented by Watchonista

Josh Hendizadeh’s Guide to Los Angeles, Presented by Watchonista

Since the 96th Academy Awards is tomorrow, we asked Watchonista Contributor, watch collector, and Angeleno Josh Hendizadeh to give our readers an insider’s view of the City of Angels.

By Josh Hendizadeh

What more can I say except: Lights, camera, action! Enter: Los Angeles, California.

Here on my home turf, we have Hollywood, Beverly Hills, and the beaches, all in one locale. Los Angeles is a must-visit place where you can tap into a little bit of everything, including influences from the most diverse melting pot, maybe, on the planet. As an Angeleno, I love sharing my spots, which I believe will make anyone fall in love with the City of Angels.

Unexpected Watch Meccas

Right in the heart of Beverly Hills is Rostovsky Watches, purveyors of the finest independent watch brands anywhere. You’ll find special pieces from rare makers, like Greubel Forsey and Romain Gauthier, along with the more typical boutique brands, like Panerai and Rolex. Plus, to fit all budget sizes, Rostovsky also carries preowned watches from a wide range of brands. The diverse collection of pieces never ceases to amaze me.

Just a five-minute drive east of Rostovsky, you’ll find an outpost of one of SoCal’s top watch retailers: Feldmar Watch Company. While they do not carry Rolex or Patek, their variety of brands is truly astonishing (expect anything from Breguet to NOMOS). Yet, amazingly, they manage to continue expanding their catalog every day. I have been going to Feldmar since I was a kid; in fact, I bought my first G-Shock from the late founder of the shop, Sol Meller.

Keeping Kosher

Jeff’s Gourmet Sausage Factory is an L.A. legend. This kosher hot spot has been around forever, and they have the taste-tested menu to prove it. Using only fresh ingredients, Jeff’s house-made sausages and classic menu are the stars of the show; they are even served at Dodger Stadium.

I recommend ordering their “Western Burger” and a spicy merguez beef and lamb sausage for lunch. Do not forget the absolutely sublime sauces; they are simply the best!

Honor Yourself!

Few spots in L.A. boast the staying power of Honor Bar. This Beverly Hills staple has the best fried chicken sandwich in town, not to mention a mouth-watering burger. You would be hard-pressed to find a better executed version of any of their dishes anywhere in Beverly Hills, let alone Los Angeles County.

Honor Bar also has some of the best sushi and drinks in town. In fact, I often find myself grabbing a drink here following a visit to Rostovsky to soothe my wounded pride after coming to terms with my lack of funds for the Gruebel Forsey I’ve had my eye on. A meal here almost makes up for that.

Under-the-Radar Hotel Option

The superb Maybourne Hotel Beverly Hills often goes inexplicably unnoticed.

Of course, with Beverly Hills being home to some of the world’s poshest accommodations, the hotel’s bold “BH” architecture can get lost in the shuffle. You might feel like you are entering just another high-tone office building, but once you walk in, it’s a whole different story.

Besides the expected amenities of a five-star hotel, The Maybourne features one of the most beautiful gardens in L.A. What more could you ask for?

Celebrity Spotting

Assuming you won’t be attending tomorrow’s Academy Awards ceremony, if you are after both an excellent dinner and some good old-fashioned celebrity spotting, there is only one choice in L.A.: The Ivy. You would be hard-pressed to find a more iconic Los Angeles restaurant, yet despite its renown and heritage, stars can’t seem to stay away. It is still THE place to be seen.

When eating at The Ivy, I personally have a 96 percent hit rare of seeing L.A. royalty (from Joel Schumacher to Denise Richards). The food is great, the drinks are fantastic (opt for the popular vodka gimlet), the ambiance is extraordinary, and the star association will send you home with a story to tell.

Drink in the View

With our gorgeous weather, Los Angeles has no shortage of rooftop socializing opportunities. However, since its debut in 2016, one rooftop venue in the City of Angels has risen above the rest by retaining its lofty status of excellence and continuing to be a sought-after reservation: Catch LA.

Often with a 2 to 3-week waiting list, the views at Catch LA are breathtaking, the location is perfect, and the food, drinks, and service are just pure bliss. The vibe at Catch puts you center stage in an outdoor dance club, but the feeling is still intimate. I recommend getting the sushi or the steak, as both are equally excellent. I would also highly recommend the “Pineapple Trainwreck” as your drink of choice.

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