Testing The Alpina AlpinerX On A Wellness Retreat In Bad Waldsee

Testing The Alpina AlpinerX On A Wellness Retreat In Bad Waldsee

If getting healthier is on your list of New Year’s resolutions, a weekend break to Germany’s Bad Waldsee is the perfect place to start. With complete physical testing, numerous spa facilities, and a 42°C mud bath, Watchonista’s Sophie Furley went to find out more, tracking her progress on the Alpina AlpinerX along the way.

By Sophie Furley

Health and wellness is a fast-growing industry that has reached both the tourism and horology sectors, making it easier than ever to keep fit and have a whole lot more fun, as I was about to find out.

On arrival in Bad Waldsee by train from Switzerland, I strapped on the Alpina AlpinerX and paired it to my phone. The set-up was surprisingly quick and straightforward, and the interface on the phone had a very clean design with all the information presented intuitively. In just a couple of minutes, I was up and running and ready to explore.

A Region Off The Beaten Track

The first activity of the day was a guided tour through the historic town of Bad Waldsee. This charming town is situated in Germany’s Upper Swabia region, which is renowned for its baroque influences. Impressively preserved churches and monasteries seemed to sit on every corner, and peeking through the doors of these majestic buildings revealed their spectacularly embellished interiors with paintings, sculptures, and decorative stucco.

Between Two Lakes

The town sits between two lakes, the Stadsee and the Schlosssee, which must be an oasis in hotter weather, but the winter mist was still lingering the day I visited, and it was magical in a different way. After two hours of walking and touring, I took a quick look at the Alpina AlpinerX and was delighted to see that I had walked over the daily recommended 10,000 steps, so I was already feeling fitter.

Waldsee Thermal Baths

In the evening, I visited the star attraction of the town, the Waldsee Thermal Baths. This is the hottest spring in the region, with spring water rising from 2,000m below the ground at 65°C. The water is then tempered to between 28°C and 37°C before being served to a myriad of relaxation pools including whirlpools, outdoor sports pools, and a larger thermal outdoor pool with bubble loungers and massage jets.

The Urbach Sauna

Next to the baths is the Urbach Sauna area, named after the creek that runs through the area. This complex of saunas provides numerous ways to relax, from steam rooms to infrared rooms and traditional sauna cabins to mud saunas, all of which stimulate the metabolism and circulation, purify the body and nourish the skin. If this is how to get healthy, I can definitely live with this!

Sports And Wellness On Your Wrist

After a good night’s sleep, I got up and decided to go for a short jog around the Stadsee lake to see how the Alpina AlpinerX’s activity tracker would fare while running laps. I set the chronograph function and put it into a split-lap mode, which is an excellent function for runners in training.

After 33 minutes, I looked at the Dynamic Coach screen, which showed that I had burned 336 calories, traveled 4.9km, and clocked 6,762 steps. I didn’t have a heart rate monitor belt with me, but it is possible to pair the watch with an external device to track your heart rate and see minimum and maximum beats per minute, along with the percentage of time in “cardio” or “fat burn” zones.

All The Details About The Alpina AlpinerX

The Alpina AlpinerX comes in a 45mm case with a steel bezel featuring cardinal points and luminescent touches on the hands and indexes for high legibility. The watch is equipped with a unique Swiss Made module, produced in the brand's Plan-les-Ouates, Switzerland facilities, all this works seamlessly with an Alpina Quartz movement. Data is safely stored to keep personal information and logs available on all your devices.

A Complete Fitness Check-Up

The following day I had the opportunity to visit the medical fitness center of the Waldsee Thermal Baths, where I underwent a complete physical test under the competent guidance of a specially trained sports doctor and physiotherapist. As I am currently training for a marathon, this was something that I was particularly interested in.

Run As Fast As You Can

The test started with cardio training on a treadmill, while rigged up to all kinds of machines that tested what was happening to my heart and lungs while exercising. The objective was to run as hard and fast as I could for as long as possible. It was at this stage that I started to regret going for that early morning run.

Reasons For Testing Your Physical Performance

This service is popular with people who are looking to start a new sports routine, who are undergoing a rehabilitation program, or who want to enhance their athletic performance. It is also often booked by companies that like to bring their employees here for a retreat and sports analysis experience.

The results were particularly useful as I discovered my best heart-rate zones for training, but also got some great advice about how to increase my lung capacity and running speed.

A Hot Moor Mud Bath

Feeling quite exhausted after having done two runs in the morning, I was delighted to try out the center's hot mud bath. This natural remedy uses peat from the local moors, which is heated to temperatures of 40°C to 42°C. When in the bath, extremities are heated up quicker than the core of the body; this gentle heating leads to an enormous increase of circulation, a reduction in inflammation, and pain relief.

I didn’t dare wear the Alpina AlpinerX for this part as I wasn’t sure how the watch would react to 42°C of liquid mud, and to be honest, I was feeling so euphoric that I would have probably forgotten even to check it anyway. I found out later that the watch would have been fine, but I liked the watch too much to risk it.

Mystery Lunch At The Scala

I had worked up quite an appetite after such a busy morning, so the lovely ladies from the Bad Waldsee tourist office and the thermal baths took me for a lunch experience at the Scala restaurant with views over the lake. We chose the “surprise” menu where everything was disguised in a different shape or form, and you had to guess what you were eating. I was useless at guessing, but it was delicious and great fun to be totally open to textures and flavors.

Back On The Train

Back on the train, tired and feeling particularly healthy, I had time to play with the AlpinerX app and discover that it also has an altitude meter, a UV index, and a barometer. It is also possible to track the quality of sleep and weight evolution (another of my top new year’s resolutions). I also looked through my personal training plan from the Waldsee Thermal Baths and realized that I had never been on a better track to stick to my New Year's resolutions for 2020.


The author stayed at the Hotel Grüner Baum, visited the Waldsee Thermal Baths www.waldsee-therme.de, and ate at the Scala restaurant. For more information about tourist activities https://www.oberschwaben-tourismus.de/

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