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Going Hands-On And Behind The Wheel With TAG Heuer And Aston Martin

TAG Heuer’s partnership with Aston Martin goes beyond F1 and to the wrist. Join us as we go hands-on with the latest pieces from this important motorsport collaboration.

By Simon de Burton

2018 has been quite a year for Aston Martin - not only has CEO Dr. Andy Palmer placed the company on the stock market, but he’s also led the storied carmaker into profit for the first time in years. On top of this, Aston Martin has launched a pair of really superb new cars that bode exceptionally well for its future.

One is the thrilling Vantage sports model which packs a twin-turbo, four-liter, 503 horsepower Mercedes-AMG V8 engine under its muscular aluminum bodywork. The other is the DBS 'Superleggera', this flagship 'Super GT' offers effortless long-distance touring thanks to the massive torque and 211 mph performance provided by its 5.2-liter V12 engine.

TAG Heuer’s partnership with Aston Martin

And there's more good news for lovers of James Bond's favorite car maker who also happen to love horology - because Aston Martin has entered into a long-standing partnership with TAG Heuer, a watch brand with stronger automotive ties than any other. 

The deal was announced at this year's Geneva Salon motor show in March, having evolved from TAG's partnership with Aston Martin Red Bull Racing F1 established in 2016 - but only recently has the essential watch to emerge from the collaboration so far been made globally available.

TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre Heuer 01 - Aston Martin Edition

Enter the sophisticated, $6,550 Aston Martin branded Carrera Calibre 01 automatic chronograph, a special edition that draws inspiration directly from the colors, shapes, patterns, and materials used on the cars it's designed to complement. A 45mm steel case gets a tachymeter bezel in brushed black ceramic that's discreetly engraved with the Aston Martin name, while lines around the barrel evoke the look of a piston rings.  

A skeletonized dial echoes the honeycomb pattern used on parts of the new Aston Martin Vantage. Even the shape of the lugs compliments the sharp lines of the Vantage. Fitted to this special edition Heuer 01 is a unique leather, and rubber strap said to have design elements from the lines of the car's bodywork.

TAG Heuer Formula 1 – Aston Martin Edition

For Aston fans with less money to spend - presumably, those who either aspire to own one of the cars in the future or who currently support Aston Martin Racing, the marque's competition off-shoot - there’s an entry level, $1,650 USD watch based on a model from TAG Heuer’s Formula One line.

This piece sports a 43mm steel case with an aluminum-set tachymeter bezel and a black dial that highlights both Aston’s vivid' lime essence' color and the marque's winged logo.    

Watchonista’s video

In case the photos weren't enough, we've prepared an exclusive video of our time with the TAG Heuer x Aston Martin limited editions and a very sleek Aston Martin Vantage.

Why these watches are important

We're told that the Aston Martin design studio led by styling boss Marek Reichman had considerable input in the creation of both watches - and what's really interesting is that Reichman and his team have a far broader responsibility than just creating cars. 

Boats, apartments, even submersibles have all left their drawing boards lately - so there seems little doubt that we can look forward to a whole range of watches created with genuine input from Aston rather than merely being an exercise in 'badge engineering.'

And hey, maybe some won't even be inspired by cars... 

Special thanks to Thilo Martin and Aston Martin Geneva!

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