What Your Mother (Also) Wants: Four Gifts for the Wrist More Fabulous than Flowers

This year’s Mother’s Day Gift Guide takes a look at four new watches from reputable brands your mother would be happy to have over for dinner.

By Barbara Palumbo

The first post I ever penned for Watchonista was a piece one might refer to as a non-traditional Mother’s Day Gift Guide, which, for better or for worse, was pretty well received. That’s part of the reason I’m back one year later and as an experienced mother of two (that I know about) with a follow up to last year’s article. The other part of the reason I’m back is because I care about you and I want you to do the right thing. No really. I do.

For those of you who no longer watch traditional television (meaning you haven’t been privy to the influx of Mother’s Day ads for everything from Botox to Bowflex), the day to celebrate your mother/grandmother/wife/baby momma is fast approaching, and we’ve got some ideas as to what you should get for the woman who went to the hospital with false labor twice over a three-week period only to have you arrive for real in between stops on the C line.

Without further hesitation, here are four wonderfully wow-inducing watches the moms in your world would be happy to have.

The “Gave It All Up” Mom

When your mother met your dad she’d already earned her Masters’ degrees in both engineering and architecture and had been with a well-known architectural firm for months. Nine months later she and your pops were walking down the aisle and ten months after that, you were born. But rather than put you (and your soon-to-come-after-twin-sisters) in daycare, she decided to hang up her compass and momentarily trade her graph paper and charcoals for construction paper and crayons, while never letting on that she felt an ounce of regret about her decision.

And now that you’re grown and about to have a child of your own, you realize just how much of a treasure your mother is, which is why the Trésor women’s watch in 39 mm from Omega’s De Ville collection is the ideal gift for the woman who put her family before anything else in her life. This particular version is made with a 39 mm diamond accented stainless steel case housing the Omega 4061 ‘Long Life” quartz movement. The white lacquered dial includes blue elongated Roman numerals and is accompanied by blued hands and a dark blue leather strap. The Trésor is also available in a 36mm case size and in a variety of dial and strap colors, however this version sells in the U.S. for $5,100.00.

The Mom Who Paid for Your Ivy-League Education

Now that you’re comfortable in your life and the thought of college is but a fleeting visual in your rear-view mirror, it’s time for you to take a look back and realize just how grateful you are for the woman who helped you get there in the first place: your mom. Remember all those applications you filled out for Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Brown, and Columbia? Who do you think sent each one of those via registered mail, SIGNATURE REQUIRED? And remember when all but one came back saying you weren’t accepted? Mom was there to wipe your tears and assure you that the fifth school would welcome you with open arms, and sure enough, Columbia was happy to have you. So now that you’re living the good life, Ms. “Doctor Daughter,” don’t you think it’s time you showed mom some next-level appreciation?

Patek Philippe’s newest manually wound rose gold classic ladies’ chronograph – Ref. 7150/250R – might just be the gift your mother isn’t expecting but so very much deserves. The 38mm diameter outer bezel is made up of seventy-two individually prong-set round brilliant cut diamonds set around its circumference and equaling 0.78 carats total. The hand-stitched, mink gray alligator strap is accentuated with Patek Philippe’s diamond-set prong buckle (also in rose gold), and the timepiece is water resistant to 30 meters, though I highly doubt your mother will go anywhere near the water once she finds out you spent $83,920.00 on her for Mother’s Day. But hey... if not now, when, right?

The Mom Who Wouldn’t Be Caught Dead Without Her Pearls

Out of all of your friends, you can proudly say that you definitely have the most traditional mom of the bunch. Your mom still bakes pies on holidays and ships goodies to you in the mail every month even thought you’ve lived away from home for roughly sixteen years now. You can’t even remember a time when you witnessed your mother lose her cool, leading you to question as a kid whether or not you were adopted. But you’ve never once been bothered by the fact that your mom is pretty darn perfect, and that the rest of the world seems to think so too.

The Lady 8 Petite Mother-of-Pearl watch by Jaquet Droz is uncomplicated, elegant, and accentuated with a pearl, just like the woman who raised you. The watch’s wrap-around black double strap will give your mom the little bit of edge she’s been saying she wants to try out, but the classic look of the diamond and pearl accents will compliment her overall vibe. The 25mm diameter case is on the smaller side – like she likes – and the watch contains a self-winding mechanical movement (the Jaquet Droz 615) that has a power reserve of thirty-eight hours.

The Activist Mom

Your mom is the mother who – when you were a kid – was the one mom in the neighborhood with whom all the other kids wanted to hang around. She never told their parents when she would see them smoking, and she opened her house to those who needed a safe space when they found themselves in tough situations. She frequently listened to David Bowie, Zeppelin, and Janis Joplin, and she taught your friends and you about gender equality, and frankly, just how to be kind to everyone. And your mother still teaches those lessons and fights those fights every day, which is another reason she deserves a little something special.

At Baselworld this year, Chanel released their new skeletonized Boy.Friend Calibre 3 watch which contains another of the brand’s in-house movements; the first created to fit the rectangular (and relatively gender-fluid) shape of the Boy.Friend case. Available in “beige” gold, with or without diamonds, the ambiguousness of the watches aesthetics will suit your mother’s fashion sense and make her think about the fact that your open-mindedness has more than a little to do with the lessons she taught you as a child.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms in WATCH LAND!

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