Summer Rewind: Our Favorite Friday Fun Articles

Summer Rewind: Our Favorite Friday Fun Articles

You’ve worked hard all week, so why not take some time (when the boss isn’t looking) to reward yourself with a laugh or two?

By Watchonista

Fridays = Fun. After all, there’s no restaurant named TGI Mondays and they certainly don’t serve $5 Long Island Iced Teas. We, like you, love the last day of the workweek. And since the season of Summer Fridays is coming to an end, we’re sending you off with a care package of our favorite articles from everyone’s favorite day. If you like the weekend as much as you enjoy a good INVICTA joke, then read on...

Fun Coupons! How Five Finance Execs Are Spending Their Bonuses

If you work in finance (pronounced: fih-NAHN-ce), chances are you look forward to bonus season like a kid looks forward to the holiday season. You already own a Patagonia vest and the rest of the #midtownuniform, so what should you spend your bonus on? We spoke to a few (fictional) finance execs to find out what the big dogs are buying this year.

Choose Your Weapon: Which Watch Hands Would You Take Into A Gladiator Match?

Nobody asked but we have answers! Swords, spades, and arrows collide in this hypothetical horological battle as we breakdown the damage potential of a watch’s sharpest feature. Are you not entertained?!

Ultraman Takes Manhattan, A Day In The Life Of An Off-Duty Superhero

It turns out Ultraman is a bit of an everyman. On a trip to New York, he could be found seeing the sites, taking the subway, and grabbing a donut, all with the Omega Speedmaster “Ultraman” strapped to his wrist. Even superheroes need days off and even superheroes need a go-to watch.

The Summer Of Stranger Things: The Watches To Wear When Fending Off The Mind Flayer

It’s official, Stranger Things season 3 had the biggest opening of any Netflix show to date with 40.7 million households watching in the first four days alone. And while we’re not done crying into our strawberry Slurpees (RIP Alexei), we are ready to dole out some horological advice to the crew from Hawkins.

Bad Moon Rising: Five Watches You Should Never Take Into Space

With the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, you might think that the world is overdue for another astronomical accomplishment. To help mankind prepare, we compiled a list of watches that should definitely not visit the final frontier. What if next time around, we contact intelligent life on the moon? And what if they see you wearing an Invicta? So embarrassing!


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