Summer Rewind: Four Travel Stories To Satisfy Your Wanderlust

Summer Rewind: Four Travel Stories To Satisfy Your Wanderlust

With many summer adventures on hold, we take a look back at a quartet of trips from when we roamed about carefree and rediscover the watches that we’d travel the world for.

By Watchonista

We are now entering day number 37,4569,817 of the COVID-19 pandemic, or at least it feels that way. For obvious safety reasons, many people’s summer vacations have been either postponed or canceled altogether. And if you live in the United States, the insult on top of injury of the EU banning American travelers for the foreseeable future from the entire continent of Europe is just the icing on the cake.

Perhaps not all is lost, as some are managing to venture out for small trips, traveling by wheels instead of wings. A side effect of this crisis is that we are forced to make the most of what’s already around us. For travelers, this means rediscovering your own country as if visiting for the first time. And for watch fans, this can mean falling in love again with the pieces that have long been banished to your sock drawer.

The good news is that this crisis won’t last forever. We will one day return to our globetrotting ways, and we’ll do so with a renewed appreciation that only a global lockdown can bring. In the meantime, we continue to bide our time and dream of exotic landscapes beyond our desktop backgrounds.

To help satisfy your wanderlust, we at Watchonista have rounded up four travel stories from our editorial adventures. These stories will take you through the glacial waters of Lake Brienz with Doxa, trackside at Formula One with Ferrari and Hublot, down the winding roads of southern Spain with Richard Mille, and to the heart of Germany with NOMOS Glashütte. So without further ado, please buckle your seatbelts and put your tray table in its upright and locked position...

Winter Kayaking In The Glacial Waters Of Lake Brienz With DOXA’s SUB 200

There’s only one way to truly test a sports watch, and that is to take it out into the elements for a real adventure. In this first travel story, Watchonista Editor-At-Large Sophie Furley straps on the DOXA SUB 200 for a (mostly) tranquil trip through the glacial waters of Lake Brienz. The vibrant dials of these two tool watches beautifully complement the turquoise lake and orange kayak, and they prove more than capable of handling sudden storms to boot.

A Serendipitous Journey With Richard Mille: The Rallye Des Légendes In Andalusia

How does a classic car rally with Richard Mille through the hills of southern Spain sound? Not bad, right? In March, Watchonista Contributor Frédéric Brun told the epic story of a three-day jaunt through one of Europe’s most beautiful landscapes alongside a privileged few collectors, horological wonders, and some stunning classic cars. Need I say more?

My Weekend With The Tifosi: Experiencing The US Grand Prix With Ferrari And Hublot

F1 is back! The elite racing series made its return in July 2020 to the delight of fans around the world. Sadly though, spectators are still barred from attending in person due to COVID-19 concerns. With that in mind, we take a look back at Watchonista’s Managing Editor Josh Shanks’ behind-the-scenes look at the US Grand Prix as he goes trackside with Ferrari and Hublot in Austin. You can practically smell the burning rubber coming through the photos.

Made In Glashütte With Love: An Insider’s Peek Into The Makings Of A NOMOS Watch

When Germany calls, you answer. This two-part travel story begins in NOMOS’s swanky design studio in Berlin, where we see the origins of the brand’s signature visual language and even take a peek at some delightful designs that were left on the cutting room floor. We then take the early train through Saxony and arrive at their mountain manufacture in the town of Glashütte. For anyone who dreamed of visiting Willy Wonka’s factory as a kid, this is the adventure for you.

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