Watchonista’s Complete Round-Up Of G-SHOCK’s 2020 Novelties

Smarter & Stronger: A Complete Look At G-SHOCK’s 2020 Novelties

After a stellar run of cool collaborations, G-SHOCK surprises with innovative introductions.

By Rhonda Riche

G-SHOCK is one of the few brands as beloved by haute horology aficionados as it is by street smart hypebeasts. The ultimate goal behind Casio’s G-SHOCK line is to produce a watch of maximal toughness, so form and fashion must always follow function. The best thing about this philosophy is that the brand is always improving and innovating, striving to produce ever-more-tough timepieces through experimentation with new technology and materials.

So far this year, G-SHOCK paired up with NASA and announced two manga-related launches (Dragon Ball Z and Evangelion). But it’s the core line introductions that are the best showcase for the company’s inventive ideology. Let’s look at what’s in store.


Fitness features have become the most popular functions of smartwatches. And the new G-SHOCK Move GBDH1000 takes the pursuit of healthiness to new levels.

The main draw is a built-in optical sensor that measures heart rate at the wrist by detecting blood flow under the skin – a first for G-SHOCK. Also, four additional sensor functions work with the Move’s GPS to measure acceleration (step counter), magnetic direction (compass), pressure (altimeter/barometer), and temperature (thermometer).

This data is collected in real-time and beamed directly to the dedicated G-SHOCK MOVE app to help support training assessments, analysis, and planning.

For hardcore workouts, you’ll be pleased to know that even though it is packed with delicate technology, the Move’s rugged case also provides shock resistance and 200m water resistance. It also offers solar-assisted charging so you can reboot the time display (including step count measurement and notification functions) with the power of light alone.


For beach boys and girls, G-SHOCK has revamped the G-Lide GBX100 – the watch of choice for hardcore surfers.

There are three new GBX100 models. Each can display high tide and low tide times and other information required by surfers. Plus, the new G-Lide has the ability to connect with the G-SHOCK MOVE app to access a wide range of mobile functions.

Now that the GBX100 can connect to smartphones through the G-SHOCK MOVE app, users will gain access to functions like tide point setting for approximately 3,300 major surfing spots around the world, a step tracker, training plans that can be tailored to your workout goals, automatic time adjustment, and more.

The G-LIDE GBX100 is also a supremely legible watch. The MIP LCD provides the high-resolution necessary to read such a data-heavy display with ease. And the high-brightness LED light of its Super Illuminator function lights up the watch face so you can read it in the dark.

It looks good, too. Available in three different colorways with a textured, double-layer stainless steel bezel, resin case, and urethane band, the new G-LIDE GBX100 is built to withstand the impact of pounding waves and treacherous underwater rocks.


At the dawn of a new decade, the beloved Frogman professional watch is getting a major makeover. It’s also the very first Frogman watch to sport an analog display.

G-SHOCK opted to use an over-sized dimensional index and hour and minute hands to improve underwater legibility. This is how it works:

In Diving Mode, the hour and minute hands overlap and reconfigure to form a single hand, making it easier to read the dive time underwater. To quickly switch between the current time and diving mode, Casio developed a new module with three dual-coil motors.

There is also an analog Tide Mode function that uses GPS to synchronize data for a specified location and date while also displaying the current local time.

Finally, the caseback is engraved with a frog character holding an analog watch hand. And though it’s a very big watch (56.7mm × 53.3mm × 19.7mm), the light materials and the fluoroelastomer strap allow for a comfortable fit.

G-SHOCK GM6900 Metal Covered Series

Following the success of the Triple Graph Dial GM-6900 (aka the Third Eye), G-SHOCK is unveiling three new timepieces featuring metal bezels and a unique, eye-catching accent buckle.

Available in black, gold, or steel, these unique bezels go through a 20-step forging process before they are cut and polished to a brilliant mirror and hairline finish. Even the 6900’s iconic front button received the Midas touch.

It has taken the G-SHOCK engineers decades to perfect a metal case that incorporated its design philosophy. The result is this watch’s hollow case structure, which in turn protects the module from exterior blows with point contacts.

More To Come

The above are the big four G-SHOCK introductions for 2020, but the brand has a few more updates in store.

G-SHOCK is taking the emblematic square design of the GMWB5000 and giving it a new IP metal exterior, laser-etched with a Tron-like grid pattern. It also features the full-metal, shock-resistant structure that protects the module with a fine resin cushioning material inserted between the stainless-steel case and bezel. For extra protection, the module is enclosed in a protective shell.

For a subtler, summery look, there’s the Transparent Rose Gold series, which matches ’90s-inspired translucent cases with rose gold accents to two popular case shapes – the circular case of the GMAS and the classic “three-eye” digital LCD display of the GMDS6900.

And finally, there’s the G-MS MSGS500 series, which marries a metal bezel with a resin band for a fresh, fashion-forward style.

You can learn more about the pricing and availability of these new collections at

(Images provided by G-SHOCK)

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