HYT’s All-Black H0 Challenges Everything We Ever Thought About Time

HYT’s All-Black H0 Challenges Everything We Ever Thought About Time

The objective of clocks and watches has always been to measure time as precisely as possible. But what if we measured the flow of existence instead?

By Sophie Furley

The search for precision has been the raison d’être of the watch industry for centuries. Measuring seconds, tenths of seconds, hundredths of seconds, thousandths of seconds – the more precise, the better. But what if we were to look at time from a whole different perspective?

Lessons From The Coronavirus

If we have learned one thing from COVID-19, it is that time can change form. Before we were racing – to meetings, deadlines, appointments, trains, planes – now we are relaxing, reflecting, and reimagining life. Our appreciation of time and how we want to spend it is now at the forefront of our minds, and perhaps not a moment too soon!

HYT’s Philosophy Of Time

Reimaging time is nothing new for HYT. This unique watch brand has been inviting us to reflect on the notion of time since 2012. The beauty of the brand’s timepieces is that they not only offer a view on the present moment but also on the past and the future. For HYT, time is tracked via different colored liquids that travel around a capillary in perpetual motion, much like a mountain stream that never stops moving.

The HYT All-Black H0

The HYT All-Black H0 is the latest member of the H0 family that invites us to reflect on time with a powerful black monochrome dial and brings in a new element of darkness and light. Traditional dials measure the time from 12 to 12, while the All-Black H0 traces the flow of time from 6 to 6, from sunrise to sunset and then sunset to sunrise. Striking touches of orange under the capillary and on the hands, indices, and logo are almost like those first rays of orange sunlight that come over the horizon at dawn and then disappear at sunset.

“We are one of the only watch brands, if not the only one, that measures the time from 6 to 6, and not 12 to 12,” shares François Nunez, HYT’s Artistic Director. “There are a number of elements that have brought this about, but the fundamental reason is that our days are not dictated by the physical hours, but by human hours, there is a human relationship to time.”

The Devil Is In The Details

The timepiece is housed in a 48.8mm black DLC stainless steel case and covered by a domed sapphire crystal that is as smooth as a beach-weathered pebble, and the watch is extremely comfortable on the wrist.

The all-black dial draws in the eye while remaining distraction-free with bellows that are barely discernable under the smoky gray glass. The focus is on the time display that follows the same color scheme with black and transparent liquids that reveal the orange Super-LumiNova beneath and mark the passage of time as it flows.

Out Of Lockdown

As the planet slowly comes out of lockdown, what better way to remember to seize the moment than with a new timepiece, especially one that forces us to rethink the way we tell and live time?

(Photography by Pierre Vogel)

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