The New Swatch X 007 ²Q

A Closer Look At The New Swatch X 007 ²Q

This October surprise is a must for James Bond and Swatch completists.

By Rhonda Riche

Back in February, Swatch released the Swatch X 007 Tribute collection in anticipation of the release of No Time To Die, the latest in the James Bond oeuvre. This set included the Q – a tribute to the series’ famous inventor. And the whole collection quickly sold out.

Like any classic Bond story, the release of Daniel Craig’s last film in the franchise took a few twists and turns.

The New Swatch X 007 ²Q

With movie theaters closed because of COVID-19, the premiere of No Time to Die was postponed until November (and now until 2021). The delay gave the Swatch team time to tinker with the original Q tribute, and now the brand has surprised us with a second, exclusive new timepiece: the Limited Edition ²Q.

Here is a look at the latest gadget in Swatch’s 007 arsenal.


In the Bond universe, Q is the head of research and development for the British spy agency, MI6. As Q stands for quartermaster, the letter is more descriptive of the gadget man’s job title rather than a name.

The New Swatch X 007 ²Q

In the film series, this character has been played by three different actors: The properly posh Desmond Llewelyn, the upright but uptight John Cleese, and, in the current film, the more youthful but still sufficiently geeky Ben Wishaw. While each has brought a unique energy to the character, they all convey a contagious enthusiasm for the job of inventing very cool gadgets. Who wouldn’t?

The New Swatch X 007 ²Q

Likewise, Swatch’s designers have had fun coming up with the ²Q. Using the brand’s signature ultra-thin SKIN Irony silhouette as their starting point, they have cooked up a timepiece that encapsulates traditional British sartorial style with a geeky flair for advanced technology.

The New Swatch X 007 ²Q


Like the Q that launched in February, the ²Q is the result of a collaboration with Suttirat Anne Larlarb, No Time To Die’s Costume Designer. As a result, the aesthetic of the 2Q has a well thought out point-of-view as if the designers got into character as Q to create this timepiece.

While both the Q and ²Q share the sleek body of a SKIN Irony, the new ²Q edition has several significant tweaks. For example, instead of a white reverse on the strap, it features a red backing and complementary blue hands (the original had red).

The New Swatch X 007 ²Q

The stainless steel ²Q also comes with a brown leather strap embossed with a plaid pattern, a sharp red inner ring, and a sun-brushed dial. To reinforce the 007 connection, the dial displays the letter Q and the Swatch logo at 6 and 12 o’clock, respectively.

All of these details signal to both the brainy character’s sense of sartorial tradition and love of technology.

The New Swatch X 007 ²Q

One of the highlights of any Bond film is when Q presents the R&D department’s latest gadgets to Bond. The ²Q also tips its hat to this moment by exposing the mechanics of the movement through the sun-brushed dial. Thus, evoking the many tools and technologies that the inventor uses to craft 007’s latest devices.

Bond fans will also be delighted by the ²Q’s presentation. It comes boxed in a case disguised as a laptop.

The New Swatch X 007 ²Q

Priced at $220, the ²Q was released via Swatch’s website, ahead of the global release of No Time To Die which was recently rescheduled to 2021.

(Images provided by SWATCH)

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