Two New Limited Edition Astron GPS Solar Timepieces

Behold the Seiko Sunrise: Two New Limited Edition Astron GPS Solar Timepieces

The hyper-accurate history of the Seiko Astron continues with two stunning limited editions, and they’re not just for “morning people.”

By Mike Espindle
Executive Editor

It’s kind of an eternal question: Do you prefer a sunset or a sunrise? I know my own inclinations have gone back and forth, but generally speaking, for me, sunsets tend to win out. However, after working with a transatlantic crew on the regular for a few years, I’ve seen quite a few glorious sunrises from my home office window lately.

There is nothing quite like watching as black gives way to ever-lightening shades of blue as night is slowly subsumed by the golden light of dawn; throw in a good cup of coffee, and, well, you’re talking my language. And it is of this experience the two new Astron GPS Solar limited edition models from Seiko evoke for me.

Sunrise Sessions

The two new limited edition models added to Seiko’s Astron GPS Solar Collection capture the nuances of sunrise nicely, providing a constant reminder on your wrist of that daily “golden moment.”

Both tap into a rise-and-shine colorway, including shimmering black titanium for the cases and bracelets, gradated dark blue dials with a star-flecked pattern mimicking the early morning sky, and rich gold-tone details as a nod to the rising sun.

Lastly, both feature a unique light blue Lumibrite lume on the indices and hands, hinting at the day to come (so don’t forget to take a sip of joe and relax before you start your day).

Easy Like a Sunday Morning

The smaller 41.2mm SSJ021J1 is powered by Seiko’s Solar GPS 3X62 movement, which provides perfect accuracy when access to a time-setting satellite GPS signal is available, which the watch does automatically up to twice a day (well, +/- 1 second every 100,000 years, which I’d say is close enough).

Interestingly, if it misses a satellite link-up, the watch stores the last most accurate time setting and syncs the hands based on that reading until the next link-up can happen.

Moreover, a single sub-dial at 8 o’clock reports on the GPS receiving process, the watch’s charging status, leap second data, and an in-flight mode indicator to deactivate GPS sync for air travel. A simple gold-tone framed date indicator at 3 o’clock rounds out this morning marvel ($2,300; limited to 1,200 editions).

Another Manic Monday

At 42.7mm, the SSH145J1 is a bit larger than its fellow limited edition; however, appropriately, it’s loaded up with more functions, like a date aperture at 5 o’clock, a dual-time function, and a day display at 3 o’clock, to help out during a busier kind of day.

Additionally, the SSH145J1 has a perpetual calendar (which is accurate until February 2100), a 39-time zone world timer function, a time-transfer function (which transfers the current authority time from the main dial to the sub-dial at 6 o’clock), the Solar GPS dashboard sub-dial (this time at 9 o’clock), and the many overcharge prevention and power storage features of the Solar GPS line.

Retailing for $2,700 and limited to 1,200 pieces, the SSH145J1, like its smaller sibling, is perfectly in sync with the estimable history of the Seiko Astron concept.

The Astron Heritage

Unveiled as the world’s first quartz watch in 1969, the Seiko Astron has always focused on increasing accuracy in time-telling. Then, the introduction of the first Solar GPS models in 2012 further improved accuracy by syncing the time via a satellite signal and using the ever-present sun to charge the watch (no battery required).

The 2012 model also included additional, advanced functions on a traditional analog watch design via pusher activation and settings. Like the watch itself, the story of the Astron never stops.

To learn more about these watches and all of Seiko’s offerings, visit the brand’s website.

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