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Watch Video Recaps Of All Watches & Wonders 2019 Discussion Panels

Thanks to the FHH, we are able to regroup all Watches & Wonders discussion panels in one place for your viewing pleasure. 

By Watchonista

The 2019 edition of Watches & Wonders was one for the record books. With a huge uptick in attendance and brand participation, this was a can't miss watch fair. For those of you unable to attend, we've assembled videos from all panel discussions. 

Watches & Wonders Miami 2019

Panel: The watch that survived the break-up of Columbia

The fascinating story behind the watch that survived the break-up of Columbia. 

Moderated by Ann M. Micklos, Mission Assurance Engineer, NASA

Panel: Getting your super-collector all-access pass

The worlds of vintage watch collecting and modern watch appreciation are miles apart. Some modern watch collectors try for years to master the landscape of vintage watches but never quite escape its various pitfalls. What are the essential lessons to learn, the best path to take, and how can you avoid getting burned?

Moderator: Roger Ruegger, Watch Time

Speaker(s): Paul Boutros, Phillips Watches / William Massena / Matthew Bain / Pascal Ravessoud, Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie / Alexander Friedman, Watchonista

What’s the point of records and complications ?

It seems like every watch we see in magazines and online has some new record-breaking feature. Or else it's a new function that's never been seen before. Do records and complications really make a watch better? More specifically, how do records and complications make a watch better for the buyer?

Moderator: Suzanne Wong, Revolution

Speaker(s): Michael Friedman, Audemars Piguet / Christian Selmoni, Vacheron Constantin / Pierre Halimi, FP Journe / William Massena

How to win at auctions, and sometimes lose ?

How to win at auctions, and sometimes lose? A conference by William Massena

How to build a collection of enduring value and how auctions can help

How to build a collection of enduring value and how auctions can help.

A conference by Paul Boutros, Head of Americas, Senior Vice President, Phillips Watches

Can Women Save The Watch World?

The world of fine watchmaking has long been associated primarily with male consumers, even though studies have shown that women understand luxury better and have stronger, more crisis-proof consumption patterns. What's the key to bringing the watch industry more in line with the needs of the female customer and could this mean better watches for everyone?

Moderator: Rachel Felder, Journalist and Author

Speaker(s): Greg Simonian, Westime / Josh Shanks, Watchonista / Roberta Naas, Writer / Fabienne Lupo, Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie / Elysze Held, Fashion director/stylist

Friends, Followers and FOMO Culture

Social media has been touted as the one-size-fits-all solution for brands to reach younger audiences, but which aspects of social media interaction are truly beneficial for the luxury industry? How can channels that are optimized for mass-targeted, ephemeral and broadly-drawn content champion the creations of an industry that values exclusivity, timelessness and attention to detail? And the perennial bottom line — does leveraging social media strengths lead to better sales?

Moderator: James Stacey, Hodinkee

Panellists: Edouard Meylan, H. Moser & Cie / David Hurley, Watches of Switzerland / Eric Rutherford, Social Media Influencer, James Kloiber, Battalion PR Agency

Behind The Scenes Of Watch Creation

How does a watch get from drawing board to boutique showcase? How do brands decide what to make and does customer opinion make a difference? Why are well-made watches not always successful (and vice versa)? And what does the watch I wear say about me in the eyes of someone who creates and designs watches?

Moderator: Keith Strandberg, Revolution Magazine USA

Speaker(s): Fabrizio Buonamassa, Bvlgari / Stéphane Belmont, Jaeger-LeCoultre / Rudy Albers, Wempe US

What’s yours is mine, what’s mine is yours

Walk into any watch boutique in the world, and you'll see the divisions between watches targeted at men and watches targeted at women. And yet it's becoming more and more common to see women with tough sports watches and men with diamond-studded pieces. Do categories such as "Men's watch" and "Women's watch" still make sense if no one follows them anyway?

Moderator: Victoria Gomelsky, Writer

Speaker(s): Sophy Rindler, Red Bar Miami / Nick Sullivan, Esquire / Hyla Bauer, Watchonista's contributor / Michael Friedman, Audemars Piguet

HODINKEE Radio (Live!) With Craig Robins

Craig Robins, CEO of Dacra and the man behind the Miami Design District, will join HODINKEE’s Stephen Pulvirent and James Stacey for a live recording of the HODINKEE Radio podcast. The three discussed the evolution of the Miami Design District, including how it has become a hub for watch collectors and host to Watches & Wonders. Also included is an audience Q&A

That’s A Wrap: Our Thoughts On Watches & Wonders 2019

By Rhonda RicheEditor-At-Large
We came. We partied. We saw a lot of watches. Here’s what we learned about the changing landscape of luxury in Miami Beach.

Watches & Wonders: Bulgari Pays Tribute to Gérald Genta With A New 50th Anniversary Watch

By Hyla BauerContributor & Special Projects
A conversation with Fabrizio Buonamassa, Bulgari’s Director of Watch Design, about the new platinum timepiece and Genta's watchmaking heritage.

Travel Time: Exploring Louis Vuitton's Masterful Creations At Watches & Wonders

By Rhonda RicheEditor-At-Large
From connected timepieces to examples of haute horology, the iconic house of Louis Vuitton brought their best to jet setting watch collectors in Miami's...

Watches & Wonders: Jaeger-LeCoultre Gives America The First Glance Of Their 2019 Novelties

By Josh ShanksManaging Editor US
Hands-on with Jaeger-LeCoultre's impressive 2019 collection and an interview with Stéphane Belmont, the brand's Director of Heritage and Rare...

Moon Over Miami: Omega Presents The New Calibre 321 At Watches & Wonders 

By Rhonda RicheEditor-At-Large
The unforgettable story of Astronaut General Tom Stafford and the Speedmaster that travelled to space and through time. 

Watches & Wonders: Girard-Perregaux And Watchonista Cocktail Party (Photo Gallery)

By Watchonista
During Watches & Wonders, we partnered with our friends at Girard-Perregaux to unveil the newly launched Quasar timepiece to collectors.

Watches & Wonders: Ulysse Nardin Introduces The Marine Mega Yacht (Hands-On and Pricing)

By Vincent DaveauManaging Editor France
Today at the Miami Yacht Show, Ulysse Nardin made waves with their new Marine Mega Yacht.

Watches & Wonders: Vacheron Constantin’s Les Cabinotiers Collection Hits South Beach

By Rhonda RicheEditor-At-Large
This month, Vacheron Constantin is taking their unique examples of fine watchmaking on tour.

Watches & Wonders: Girard-Perregaux Introduces Quasar, The Brand's First Fully Sapphire Cased Timepiece

By Hyla BauerContributor & Special Projects
The watch's crystal case guarantees an unobstructed view of the Neo-Tourbillon Three Bridges skeleton movement.