Gift Guide: 5 Presents To Give Yourself This Valentine's Day

Gift Guide: 5 Presents To Give Yourself This Valentine's Day

Because if you don’t love yourself, how are you going to love somebody else?

By Rhonda Riche

We are not anti-Valentine’s Day. We merely prefer to celebrate a less exclusionary version of it. For example, not all of us have significant others. Some folks are allergic to flowers and chocolates. And others are still scarred from having an empty mailbox on your desk after all the cards were passed out in class (I’m thinking of you, Ralph Wiggum).

Thus, we figure one way to make February 14th a happier day for everyone is to get a little gift for yourself. And while nobody knows you better than you, we have a few suggestions to help you choose (or, in the words of Ralph Wiggum, “Choo-Choo-Choose!”).

Third Man Records Spinnerette Turntable

Music is joy! So why not DJ your own dance party this February 14th with the Third Man Records Spinnerette Turntable?

Not only does this bright yellow belt-driven record player have a striking, retro appearance, but it will also provide the perfect soundtrack to your evening. Whether you want to groove to upbeat bops or sing along to “I Will Survive” over and over again, the Spinnerette Turntable is one Valentine’s Day companion that won’t let you down.

Solo Cup

Salute yourself with Riedel’s Fatto A Mano Performance Pinot Noir Black Base glass. This tulip-shaped vessel was designed to enhance the experience of savoring the irresistible sweetness of light-bodied wines from the Americas.

How? The generous proportions, along with its slightly flared lip, perfectly balances the wine’s acidity, deemphasizes the alcohol, and allows the bouquet to develop, putting the fruit front and center. At $120, it’s an investment, but this elegant glass will bring balance to your vino and your Valentine’s Day.

Need help selecting a good pinot noir? We suggest pairing your new glass with a wine club subscription, like California-based The Prisoner Wine Club, which offers limited releases throughout the year, customized for your pleasure.

Drive My Car

For those avoiding commitment at the moment (no judgment, we get it), may we recommend a monthly subscription that allows you to select any Porsche your heart desires to drive whenever you want? Called Porsche Drive, this subscription is the perfect self-gift for people who don't want to settle.

Here's how it works: Using the Porsche Drive App, which makes it easy to explore your options, members can schedule vehicle deliveries and pick-ups, change their models, and submit payments. Plus, the subscription includes insurance, roadside assistance, vehicle maintenance, and concierge service.

Time for Love

We all treasure timeless relationships – not just romantic ones. That’s why we long for the Junghans Küchenuhr. This classic kitchen clock was originally developed by Bauhaus designer Max Bill and Junghans over 65 years ago, but it is still an object of great beauty today.

Though updated with either a quartz or radio-controlled movement, this new edition features the same pleasing details as the original 1956 clock. Valentine’s is only one day of the year, but who wouldn’t want to greet every morning with this bright blue beauty?

Say It with Flowers

You could say that you must be comfortable with yourself before you can truly love yourself. And what’s cozier than slipping into a pair of Birkenstocks? Sadly, the grey felt Tokyo Clogs embossed with a floral pattern worn by the models during Dior’s Fall/Winter 2022 menswear show aren’t available yet.

Luckily, you can still bloom with a WOLF Zoe Travel Zip Case.

The outside of the case is embellished with embroidered cheerful blossoms. Meanwhile, the inside is treated with LusterLoc to protect your precious watch babies. Fun Fact: Under typical storage conditions, LusterLoc will prevent tarnishing for up to 35 years!

It’s the luxe way to protect the watches and jewelry you love while treating yourself to a much-needed getaway for one.

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