Photo Gallery: Complecto x Oris Meetup

Photo Gallery: Complecto x Oris Meetup

With RSVP spots filling up almost instantly, this summer has been abuzz with different types of watch hangouts. Enter: Complecto, a values-based community group that champions diversity, inclusivity, and a great party.

By Watchonista

Last night, Pretty Ricky’s on New York City’s Lower East Side was bustling with enthusiasts, who were both seasoned and new, sharing and growing their passion for horology. The group, Complecto, created by Jason (@wristshotnyc) developed an ethos of inclusivity."Complecto is a latin word that means "to welcome, include and embrace" and those principles of inclusion and belonging are at the core of our community. The beauty of Complecto lies in knowing that you share an important set of values with every single member. In Complecto, people don't just come to talk about watches - they come to connect with people who want to make this hobby, industry and culture more diverse, inclusive and accessible - and I think that's incredibly powerful."

With Complecto having started these meetups only this past June, last night’s event with Hölstein-based Oris is sure to be the first time a watch brand had partnered with the collecting group. “Oris has always been about community and inclusiveness – both in general and within the world of watches.” says VJ Geronimo, CEO of Oris North America. “We welcome new watch groups and collectors with open arms, and to partner with Complecto is an extension of that belief”. After all, diversity is a key component in the development of any brand, holistically speaking.

Check out our photo gallery below for a look at our favorite moments from the Complecto x Oris event:

(Photography by Watchonista)

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