Photo Gallery: The Bridge IV, The Hampton’s Most Exclusive Car Show
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Photo Gallery: The Bridge IV, The Hampton’s Most Exclusive Car Show

Last month, Watchonista attended The Bridge, an invitation-only collectible-car show. This exclusive fete took place at The Bridgehampton Golf Club, which is nestled within what used to be The Bridgehampton Race Circuit.

By Josh Shanks

The Bridge, presented by Richard Mille, serves as the capstone on most Hamptonite’s social calendars. The event brings together some of the world's rarest supercars, vintage autos, and even the occasional Sportscar. On a breezy late summer day in September, the Bridgehampton Golf Club and its sweeping views of Long Island Sound made for the perfect landscape for this invite-only gathering.

Watchonista previously attended The Bridge with our friends Richard Mille. However, for this year’s fourth edition, we decided to attend as car lovers. Luckily, we brought our cameras along to document this experience. Over 260 cars (and their owners) gathered from around the world. From a jaw-dropping McLaren Senna to a mightily impressive number of Lamborghinis and even a Volkswagen Herbie replica, The Bridge had it all.

Our favorite cars

Alexander Friedman: I quite loved seeing not one, but two Ferrari F40s parked on the main lawn. What an incredible piece of machinery.

Josh Shanks: I would have to agree with Alex, the F40s was certainly a highlight for me. But for me, it's a tossup between an American and a German. The 1967 Pontiac GTO or the VW Beetle Herbie.

Interview with Shamin Abas

Shortly after The Bridge, we sat down with co-founder Shamin Abas to discuss this year’s event and talk watches.

Josh Shanks: Shamin, thank you for having us at The Bridge 2019, how was this year’s show?  

Shamin Abas: The feedback from those that attended The Bridge IV has been extremely positive. Bob, Jeff, and I have each received countless notes of congratulations, and it appears the combination of; the spectacular setting of The Bridge itself. This concentrated gathering of passionate and prolific collectors of rare classic cars and contemporary art, the food, wine and music, the array of high-caliber sponsors that use the occasion to present new 'toys', as well as the exhibition itself (which this year reached 260 storied cars - quite a few of which raced at The Bridge in its day), is a magical formula!

Alexander Friedman: What was your favorite car from this year’s edition of The Bridge

SA: I know what co-founder of the event Jeffrey Einhorn (who spends the year curating the exhibition and finding cars from all corners of America!) would say to this. Well, first he would say it's impossible to choose one! And then after ten minutes of considering it, he would say, "It's a tie between the winning Porsche 904, the Bridgehampton CanAm pace car 911 and the Ferrari 512S.” So, I guess you could say there’s three!

JS: With an increased number of attendees and partners, what's next for the Bridge?

SA: We do plan to increase the numbers just a bit to accommodate several new automotive partners that will be joining us in 2020 for the rather special fifth-anniversary edition of The Bridge that we are planning.

Alexander Friedman: Will we eventually see The Bridge open to the public? 

SA: The Bridge will always remain by invitation only, but we have an open to the public Cars & Coffee event on Sunday following The Bridge that draws more than 300 classic cars from all over the tri-state area. Some of the cars that are exhibited at The Bridge do show up there also. Besides, we are planning another open to the public event that will take place on Saturday morning in one of our favorite Hamptons towns. More to come.

Josh & Alexander: What's your "go-to" watch?

SA: The watch I currently covet the most is the RM 023. I love the play of the masculine and feminine feel of that watch!

Photo Gallery

(Photography by Watchonista)

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