A Closer Look At Vacheron Constantin’s New Flagship Boutique In New York City

A Closer Look At Vacheron Constantin’s New Flagship Boutique In New York City

The brand has opened its new US Flagship boutique on East 57th Street in New York City, and it brings the Geneva experience to the heart of America’s largest city. 

By Hyla Bauer

Calling all Vacheron Constantin collectors and aficionados: Run, don’t walk, to the brand’s new North American Flagship on 28 East 57th Street in New York City. 

The new flagship is not just a store – it’s an enchanting, captivating adventure into the heart and soul of Vacheron Constantin. The two-story space is airy and light and offers the full Vacheron Constantin experience – as if the visitor was in the brand’s Geneva home. 

Let’s take a closer look.

A Transformative Experience

Upon arriving at the boutique, the visitor is treated to floor-to-ceiling windows spanning the height of two floors. Brass-colored Maltese Crosses, the brand’s symbol, adorn the glass facade. The transparency of the glass and the space’s open layout are inviting and mark a contrast to the design of more traditional boutiques.

On the ground floor, all of the brand’s watch collections are on display alongside interactive exhibits highlighting some of the manufacture’s most notable handicrafts ranging from movement making to enameling techniques.

Design Inspiration

In terms of design: “The aim was to create a natural flow between two main parts,” incoming President of Vacheron Constantin North America Alexander Schmiedt said during our interview. “The ground floor is dedicated to the watches and the stories that we tell with our collections, and the upper floor is where you can experience watchmaking at Vacheron.” 

The necessity of natural light for watchmakers dates back centuries and holds the same importance today. “It’s essential,” Schmiedt said, “for watchmakers to have a lot of daylight, which has always been important in watchmaking. So [the flagship] is clearly an extension of Vacheron Constantin, but it’s also something that’s specifically New York.” 

Watchmaking in Real Life

Upstairs, Schmiedt told Watchonista: “You can have an almost complete watchmaking experience. You can have watchmaking masterclasses with our watchmaker. You can try some decoration techniques on the perlage machine.” 

The brand’s archives are accessible digitally in the ground floor space. On the second floor, the carefully selected and completely restored vintage timepieces of Les Collectionneurs are on display for sale. It is the first permanent on-going home in the world for collectors seeking to buy a piece of the brand’s history. 

Personalized Experiences

As another way of bringing Geneva to the US, the store has a dedicated on-site watchmaker who comes directly from Geneva. He is seated on the second floor and is available for everything from changing straps to more involved servicing.

More importantly, he is available to answer any questions the customer may have about the mechanics of their watch, how to operate its functions, and how to care for it. Another personal touch is on-site strap customization. Customers can even try their hands at the engraving at the boutique’s hand-operated perlage machine. 

Art exhibitions will rotate every three to four months. “It’s a beautiful canvas to play with exhibitions, and we have the space to do installations,” Schmiedt told Watchonista. “The diversity of the space gives up the opportunity to really play. There will always be something new to experience.”

We can’t wait. 

How To Visit

The Vacheron Constantin North American Flagship opens today. Located at 28 East 57th Street (between Madison & Park) in New York City, the boutique is open Monday through Saturday from 10 am to 6 pm and 12 pm to 6 pm on Sunday.

For more information, visit Vacheron Constantin’s website.

(Photography by Liam O'Donnell)

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