Meet the G-SHOCK MR-G FROGMAN MRGBF1000E Anniversary Edition

Bold & Beautiful: Meet the G-SHOCK MR-G FROGMAN MRGBF1000E Anniversary Edition

The Japanese brand continues its 40th birthday celebrations with this paean to the original MR-G FROGMAN with this bright yellow baby!

By Rhonda Riche

Sometimes, a watch is a wholly practical item, a tool for tracking time and making specialized calculations. Other times, it can be an object of interest, like a work of art worn on your wrist. The MR-G FROGMAN made by G-SHOCK is both.

Born in 1993, the FROGMAN was instantly recognizable for its asymmetrical case design; however, the FROGMAN’s superlative specs are what have made it a favorite among collectors. Thus, to celebrate both G-SHOCK’s 40th anniversary as a brand and the FROGMAN model’s 30th birthday, the brand launched this limited edition that has us jumping for joy.

Because this commemorative edition marks two momentous milestones – the 40th and 30th birthdays of G-SHOCK and the MR-G Frogman, respectively – the MRGBF1000E Anniversary Edition leans heavily into the FROGMAN line’s design heritage. So, let’s take a closer look!

The Color & The Shape

The first MR-G FROGMAN model was the DW-6300 and didn’t have the word “FROGMAN” emblazoned on the front of the case, but it did have a small figure of a diving frog on the back. Meanwhile, the new MRGBF1000E Anniversary Edition has the line’s now signature “FROGMAN” badging on the front and the line’s traditional amphibian engraved on the caseback along with the inscriptions “G-SHOCK 40TH” and “FROGMAN 30TH.”

Of course, the model’s size has fluctuated over the years. That said, the new MRGBF1000E measures in at a bullfrog-sized 50mm-wide, 56mm lug-to-lug, and 18.6mm thick, so it’s not the kind of watch you can wear with a suit (unless it’s a wet suit). Still, despite its large size, like all FROGMANs (Frogmen?), the MRGBF1000E’s case is composed of lightweight titanium to make it more wearable.

The most eye-catching callback to the first-generation FROGMAN is the MRGBF1000E’s use of color. Recessed index marks are hand-filled with bright yellow Neobrite to provide a visual punch. At the same time, the watch comes on a strap made from a stain- and hydrolysis-resistant fluoro-rubber that is a vivid yellow (it also comes with an interchangeable, extendable titanium band). The sunny theme is continued on the crown, buttons, and screws, as they are all treated with gold ion plating.

Making Waves

The MRGBF1000E’s titanium structure also makes the surfaces of the watch a tactile quality as well as sculptural. Moreover, titanium is also important to upholding the integrity of the FROGMAN model’s good name.

That is because, as G-SHOCK’s professional diving watch family, all FROGMANs have enhanced protection and profile functions specifically for diving, but the MRGBF1000E Anniversary Edition goes beyond those specs. In fact, its airtight titanium exterior and multi-component structure provide ISO 200-meter water resistance.

The MRGBF1000E is also powered by the solar-powered 5702 module, which has all the components a diver needs for timing, including dive and tide graph modes. And for adventurers of all stripes, the MRGBF1000E also includes shock resistance, Bluetooth Connect, LED Super Illuminator Light, a phone finder, world time, five daily alarms, a 1/100-second stopwatch, a countdown timer, and more.

Collection Agency

Over the decades, this model’s evolution from tadpole to frog has made the G-SHOCK FROGMAN a favorite among collectors.

For instance, the “Tough Solar” editions, which first appeared in 2001 as part of the GW-200 series, also received many color variants. One of these, the popular GW-200Z from 2009, was prematurely nicknamed the “Final FROGMAN.”

Then, in 2016, the brand introduced the GWF-D1000 models, which included a sapphire crystal and added three new sensors: a thermometer, a depth gauge, and a compass. It doesn’t sound like much of a change, but for full-on collectors, each tweak to the timepiece makes it even more desirable.

To further engage that “Gotta Catch ‘Em All” mentality, the MR-G FROGMAN MRGBF1000E Anniversary Edition ($6,400) is limited to only 700 handmade units noted by a unique serial number and presented in a commemorative box that includes the interchangeable titanium band and a dedicated tool for effortless swapping. Available now; for more information, visit the G-SHOCK website.

(Photography by Liam O'Donnell)

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