Patek 2523 & 605 North America @ Christie's

Patek 2523 & 605 North America @ Christie's

Patek America 605 & 2523 EN

To best understand the result of the Lot 88 at Christie's, during the auction that took place in Geneva on the 05/14/2012, one has to consider it through the Lot 87. One could have even wished these two watches to be part of a single Lot, since they are fraternal twins.

The wristwatch Patek 2523 "World time" and the pocket watch Patek 605 "HU" were both produced at the beginning of the 50's. If it is difficult to determine if their bodies where manufactured by the same watchcase maker, it is obvious that the enameled illustrations at the center of their dial, which represent the North America, were made by the same artisan. The colors and the technique used for the cloisonné enamel are exactly the same; the only differences are the colors : for example, the Canada is represented in green or red, depending on the version...

If the 2523 is uncommon, the version with an enameled map is becoming extremely rare. But! Above all, it is the duo with a 605 pocket watch featuring the same complication and the same pattern, that becomes exceptional, almost unique (This type of combination was already auctioned at the end of the 80's).

The interest for this watch goes beyond its rarity and the obvious good-craftsmanship of this post-war beauty (one could even interpret this choice of map as a tribute to the Allied Victory). Indeed, the mix between the "naive" enameling of the map (in the manner of the Douanier-Rousseau) and the hardness of the art deco lugs, produce an unforgettable contrast.

More factually, the Patek Philippe 2523 is 35.5mm in diameter, yellow gold. The 2523's case, with its art deco lugs, is numbered 306205 and the movement 722706.This movement, the 12'''400, which features 18 jewels, is fitted with the "World time" complication, activated with the second crown.

The Patek Philippe 605 and its case 683457, 44mm , yellow gold, is equipped with the movement 931072, caliber 17'''170,  also jeweled with 18 rubies. Of course, one could be strongly tempted to add lugs to this watchcase, whose 44mm are absolutely up-to-date.

The lucky buyer of these sisters will have a very wide choice! It is the very least one can expect from these two colossal hammer blows: 687.000chf for the Patek 605 Lot 87 & 2.771.000chf for the Patek 2523 Lot 88.