Breguet Souscription 3233 @ Sotheby's

Breguet Souscription 3233 @ Sotheby's

This Breguet "Souscription" N°3233 is fascinating in many respects.

This is a "low cost" Breguet watch from the XVIII century ; but during this era, "low cost" had a very different meaning.
In these times, watches were overly expensive and to be able to buy a Breguet, even the cheapest, you had to be really wealthy.

The way the Souscription worked was quite simple : you paid upfront and the watchmaker began the work ; then you waited for the delivery for months, or even years.
Yet, you did not make this purchase only for yourself, but also for your family and your descendants.

The most fascinating point is the finish of the movement : for such a simple watch, this Breguet Souscription features a high end level of finishes, according to the actual criteria. Even the modern "Haute Horlogerie" rarely produced movements as wonderful as this.
You could also notice the contrast between the very humble dial and the very demonstrative mechanism.

Last but not least, this is the kind of watches that has inspired the creation of the most fascinating series featured in the modern Breguet catalog, the "Tradition" line.
The hammer price of this beauty @ Sotheby's on May 15, 2012: 48750chf
It is really cheap for such a big moment of history mixed with emotion.