Rolex Daytona Anniversary - Special Thanks

Rolex Daytona Anniversary - Special Thanks

Watchonista could have never done it without the support of friends, leading Auction Houses, collectors and Daytona specialists!

We wish to warmly thanks all the persons involved:

Aurel Bacs & Christie's Team -

John Goldberger -

Philip Stahl -

Pucci Papaleo -

Alfredo Paramico

Julien Shaerer & Antiquorum's Team -

Giorgia & Guido Mondani:

Bob Sinclar:

William Rohr

Eric Giroud:

Bruce Lee:

Bernhard Bullibeer

And another special thank to Sebastien & Watchonista's Team that now knows a lot about Daytona's!!

As the page will evolve constantly... sure others will follow!