Baselworld 2012 Day 0

Baselworld 2012 Day 0

Dear Watchonistas,

For those of you that only came to Baselworld on the regular opening days... this prelude of the glam and horological bazaar was a great and authentic experience!

Less than 24 hours before the Grand Opening, I witnessed an incredible world composed of stressed workers, gardners, not-yet-"paranoid"-security-agents and, of course,  Smiling watchmakers and the PR ladies furnishing the Press Room with expensive printed catalogues.

And the surprise was a Stanley Kubrick version of the mythical Basel "Blu Carpet" with a "2001 odyssey" view on the sky... That's an absolutely new point of view of the musical daily afterhour... To be tested live...

Easy spot on the parking... Queueing to get the precious key of the Press locker... First shootings (with regular embargos)... And the dinner at Donati...

A upside down vision of the fair... :-)

First day is gone... its 2AM and the first meeing is at 8AM...

Welcome to BASELWORLD 2012!!!!